Dec 6, 2010


Last week Ceesie went to Berlin for a shoot.
Berlin the city of : Culture, art, the Berlin wall, great architecture, Döner Kebab and so much more.
I LOVE Berlin. I think the city has something unique that other city's don't have... I'm always so impressed by the architecture Berlin has. You can walk next to a new built skyscraper and next to it there's an old building remaining from the war.
Also the art is just incredible, Berlin has more than 15 museums and over a 100 exhibitions and galleries to offer.
Ceesie went to the contemporary art museum and to an exhibition of, one of my favorite photographer, Peter Lindbergh.
Also the nightlife is: NOT NORMAL! You can party in Berlin 24/7. The best house/electro/trance parties in the most amazing underground locations.
Berlin you impressed me, again.


Anonymous said...

so then you have to come to munich.

daxklusifman said...

Did you have currywurst? I know it's not too healthy, but... nomnomnom! Also, what are your favourite secret places? I went to Berlin during Halloween and everything was so packed that we spent 3/4 of the night waiting and waiting: disadvantage sof not being a VIP... :(

Anonymous said...

hi ceesie just came across your lookbook for Zara Young jeans your shots look good!
were you able to keep any of the jeans?

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

My friend Birgit and my friend Susanne live there. The women in Berlin are very smart. Sometimes I get a bit sad at all the wreckage from the war and the memory of the east block and the realization of how horrid total war must be.


Anonymous said...

wa ne fucking loser aangepast maar mijn comment verwijderen kom zeg soooo nooot cool

Jella said...

Berlin is awesome. (: But you have to visit more german citys! It's not so far from belgium. I really like your way of posting - it makes me smile a lot! (:
Greets from Germany.

Sophie said...

i only can agree with you that berlin is awesome!they´ve got the most amazing museums i´ve ever been to i love the guggenheim museum there in january there was a great exhibition :)