Dec 3, 2010

The voice of Europe

Actually it's kind of funny that you all wanna hear my voice or see a video of me.
Cause Wednesday morning I did an interview for a Belgian radio station.
It was Ceesie's first experience with being on the radio. For me it was kind of funny and weird to hear my own voice through speakers.
Sadly enough I don't have a crazy Ceesie video of myself (not yet) but here is a video that I found on the Internet...
It's a video that my agency took before I went to Tokyo: Enjoy!


Vincent said...

You look great of course.
I really like "Cesar Confession", elevator pitch also.
Up and down, up and down.

Anonymous said...

Lovely so sweet of you @};-

Anonymous said...

That is the hottest model casting video I've ever seen <3

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I think you have a very cute voice. I like the part where you begin to pose because it is clear you know the nicest angles and the expressions. I like when you see your profile because then for some reason with the shoulders, you can sense how tall you are and how big you are and there is some tenderness in this.

I miss big Cesar

Anonymous said...

I like you :)

Vincent said...

"Some tenderness" that's really true.

Lotte said...

Haha, grappig! ;D volgens mij lispelt gij een beetje!

Anonymous said...

you sound sooo nice!!

Shanah said...

zalige video :D

Anonymous said...

Grappig I love sushi !!! whahaha
kwil u wel in het Nederlands is horen eh

virginie Philippot !!