Jan 31, 2010

Lemon Chicken

Tonight I invite my good friend Lucy over to watch the Grammys and I cooked my amazing lemon chicken. (A recipe from my lovely cousin, Julie.)

This is the first of many recipes I will post on my blog.

So here we go.

What you will need:

1 whole Chicken

4 lemons

Brussels sprouts

little potatoes



salt and pepper

We start by cutting the lemon in half and put one half in the *ss of the chicken, together with a handful of rosemary.

Then you cut a little slit in the top of the chicken and you put a slice of lemon and some leaves of rosemary under the skin.

Cover the chicken with butter and salt & pepper + rosemary.

Then put the chicken in the oven for 80 minutes.

The oven has to be on 375 degrees (250 graden).

Mix the lemon juice from the other lemons with water and pore on the chicken every 15/20 minutes while cooking.

In the mean time you can boil the Brussels sprouts and the potatoes...

15 minutes before the chicken is ready put both Brussels sprouts and the potatoes together in the pan with the chicken.

And ready we are!!!

Bonne appetite! ;-)

X ceesie aka the new martha stewart.

Jan 30, 2010


Some of you will think that Chinatown is one of the most dirty places in NYC, correct! But you can find so much Fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and Asian delicatessen... all so cheap and FRESH! Today i went to Chinatown to buy some vegetables to make my amazing "carrot/pumpkin/ginger soup" + some fresh fruit for my breakfast! And you know what i got for $19?
- 1 Papaya
- 3 Kiwi's
- 1 Pumpkin
- 3 Tomatoes
- 2 Lemons
- 3 Pomegranates
- 1 Onion
- 2 Carrots
- 3 Red peppers
- Garlic
and bananas
All that for just $18!
Someone please tell me how that is possible?
Tip from ceesie: Get your fruit and vegetables from Chinatown.

X ceesie

Jan 29, 2010


After I finished shooting today I was walking home and I saw another women wearing a jegging.
And I thought to myself: I need to write about this asap!!!

For the ones who don't know what a jegging is... A jegging is a legging that you, girls, wear as a Jeans.
It's a combination between jeans and leggings, they are basically a standard pair of stretch leggings masquerading as a pair of jeans.
To be honest: I HATE IT!!
Is it the new trend? Hype? When a girl walks out of her house with just a legging and T-shirt on?
First of all: A legging is NOT a Jeans and second of all it just doesn't look chic!
I can understand it's really comfy, but still.
I mean... ok if your going for a run, or grocery shopping, or if it's your lazy day of the week... or if you're a model who's really skinny and 5'11" (or 1'80cm) tall.
Anyway I still think it looks cheap and very UN-sexy!
So please girls don't wear it if you go to your work and especially don't wear it if you go to a restaurant or on a date!!
Tip from ceesie: If you do love to wear your jeggings please wear it with a Longer t-shirt that covers up your ***. ;-)

Ha! happy that's from my chest.

No more words needed:

X ceesie

Jan 28, 2010

Viva Coconutwater!

-The first thing i drink when i wake up is Coconut water. 
-When i feel tired i want coconut water.
-After i finished sports i want coconut water.
-When i have a hangover i NEED coconut water.

People who know me, know that I'm obsessed with Coconut water.
That's another reason why i love New York so much: You can find coconut water in every Grocery store or deli. :-)
In Belgium they don't even know what Coconut water is!!!
My favorite brand is Zico: First of all i think it's a funny name and i have the feeling it's less sweet then Vita coco (an other brand). 
I only like the Natural coconut water though... ceesie doesn't really like the flavors, no mi gusta. For me they are to sweet and they taste like a soda drink.

I did some research on the Internet and I found out that Coconut water is not only tasteful it's also VERY healthy: 
ZICO is 100% pure coconut water with natural flavor essences. With five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana ( don't tell the monkeys), low acidity, no fat, no sugar added, and no cholesterol. 
So coconut water is a refreshing way to hydrate and replenish your body and when i drink it, i close my eyes for 3 seconds and I imagine myself laying on a sunny beach in Hawaii sipping on a fresh coconut! ;-)

Let the sunshine in!!!

X ceesie

Jan 27, 2010

Another day at the gym

As a model i think you have to work on your body, especially a male model. I mean a girl can just stop eating and look skinny and amazing, but a guy needs more then that: we need MUSCLES!
Not like our own Belgian , Jean Claude van Damme. But you have to be in a good shape.
So cesar casier tries to go to the gym at least 5 times a week. 

My gym, Chelsea piers, is AMAZING. Not only is it the biggest in NY it's also very nice and clean.
We have a swimming pool (wish i LOVE) , basketball court, running track, golf court, spa, sauna, an indoor ice skating place, bowling, AND on top of all that... you can spot a lot of celebrities. 
Like this afternoon, i went to my locker and next to me was Josh hartnett changing his pants!;-)
Last week i saw Chris brown playing basketball... Ceesie just loves to spot celebs!!

Today i used a personal trainer for the first time in my life. So good but a little overpriced. I mean 88 dollar an hour, for just some help with your work out??? hmmm..
I just need to learn some new/good exercises so i can do it on my own, and bye bye personal trainer. HA!
No bad things about a personal trainer though. It really helps you to go to the gym and to finish all your exercises.

Happy we have done, but i don't wanna think about tomorrow... Waking up with muscles all sore!
Gonna take a warm bath and drink a green tea.

Big ups for the Healthy Lifestyle!!

X ceesie

The malcolm

I took some pics for the website The Malcolm... Just to give people a look what i do and see in my life ;-)
this is the result:


Jan 26, 2010

Living the American dream

Let me buy you a house

Lately I'm in LOVE with beautiful houses...
I just want to have my own BIG place, so i can decorate it, have parties in, invite friends over for dinner, have movie night,... Just a place for myself.
I've been modeling now for already 2 years and i still don't know where my "home" is. 
I mean I know where I'm from and I still call home Gent, But... hmmm... you know what i mean right? 
Most of the times I think that my so called home, a plain or my luggage is.
Well anyway...
One day i will have my own amazing place.
But now i can still dream of living in the most amazing houses in the world:


X ceesie

Jan 25, 2010

My name

What is wrong with people and saying my name the wrong way???
So Since I've been living in New York i have to hear my own name as Ceaser. (Yes like the salad/dressing...)
Not that i don't like it but sometimes i just want to hear my "Real" name. Sometimes i don't even Replay on the streets! It's really funny! haha

In every country they pronounce my name different:
When i went to Spain they called me cessar.
When i went to Korea/Bali they called me Cesaaa. (no R)
When i went to Italy they called me Cesaré.

My name is CESAR!! Like you would say it in french, césar... 

Oh and i will not even start with my last name. That's waaaaaaaay to difficult for some people.

X ceesie

The beginning

So... hmmm...
i was thinking by myself... why don't you start with making your own blog?
Nowadays a lot of people have a blog,
So i thought it could be interesting with my job/life to make my own.
Here we are, Cesar Casier Personal Blog...
A little mix of:Traveling/fashion/food/gossips/funny stuff/celebs/Movies/music...
Just all the things i like in Life (or don't like).


X ceesie