Apr 30, 2010

Daddy buy me an appartment, please

Yesterday i did a shoot and the Location was SICK!!!
A penthouse with swimming pool, a big terrace and an amazing view.
Location: Greenwich avenue, on the edge of the meatpacking district and the west village.
It's on sale for 21 million dollars. Daddy, can you buy it for me! PLEASEEEEEEE ;-)

Apr 28, 2010


Last night me and my good friend Lucy went to see NERD @ Irving plaza in NYC!!
And i have to say... it was FUN FUN FUN.
To be honest, I'm not such a big fan of NERD and I only like 3 or 4 songs from them: Provider, Maybe and LAPDANCE. But today i found out that I've already seen them 3 times in my life! How is that possible??? haha
The first time was @ 'the Lokerse feesten' and the second time was @ 'Pukkelpop' ( 2 festivals in Belgium). But tonight it was the best one. Maybe because the venue was so small? Maybe because I was in a "concert mood" and totally exited to see Pharrell Williams preforming, AGAIN? Or maybe just because i saw them this time in NYC?! Seeing a concert in NYC is much more special then seeing a concert in Belgium, I guess. ;-)
Anywayzzzz what i wanted to say is that the concert was good. Not too long, not too short, a good vibe and a mix of hits and new songs from there new, 4th , album 'Nothing'.
And for the girls... of course Pharrell looked AMAZING (like always) and not only is he a sexy motherf*cker, he's also an amazing performer and singer.
I just LOVE his voice and style!!!

Apr 26, 2010


Last week a friend from Belgium came to NYC and she gave me the best thing in the world: SPECULOOSPASTA!!!
You can only find it in Belgium, so i was soooo happy she got it for me.
O-M-GUCCI, it's just NOT normal.... It's a spread made from my favorite cookies, speculoos.
It's a paste you put on bread , just like jam or Nutella, it's just so f*cking delicious!!! Mmmmm...
My friends from NY tried it and they went CRAZY. They say it's like a paste made from 'Teddy Grahams' cookies. (just to give you americans an idea how it tastes). It's so good but also soooo fattening. It's more fattening than nutella or peanut butter. But who cares, it's like an orgasm in your mouth.
Sadly for you guys you can't find it here in the USA. Maybe after modeling i open my own Speculoospasta shop in Soho! ;-)

Apr 24, 2010

Apr 23, 2010


What is it with all these Blackberry addicts!!??? I don't have to speak, I'm also hooked!
But I mean, why?? Why can we not leave our phone for more then 10 minutes alone without checking it?
2 years ago I got my Blackberry as a X-mas present from my parents, me ceesie was all exited and happy, FINALLY i had my Blackberry! I was one of the first who had one in Ghent. I LOVED it (and still do). I travel a lot and it's just so easy to keep in touch with all of my friends when you have the bbm application on your blackberry. What a great invention, no?
I remember having a normal cellphone, I was just waiting for someone to text or call me... but now I check my blackberry every 10 minutes, maybe because you can Email, call, sms, bbm, mms,... all on ONE phone!?!
Ceesie ALWAYS has a bbm conversation open. Even when I'm out partying i sometimes notice myself dancing with my Blackberry in my hand. ( SO BAD) It's just C-R-A-Z-Y and it's not just me, it's EVERYONE!
Before having a crackberry i just left my phone in my bag or pocket, now it's always next to me or in my hand. Imagine being a business man EVERY 5 minutes you have a new email coming in. I guess work just NEVER stops? (poor wife!!!)

Do I have an addiction???
CRACKBERRY I love and hate you at the same time.

Apr 22, 2010

Trixie withley

I just wanted to post a song of an amazing upcoming artist, Trixie Whitley.
She is from the same city where I'm from: Gent.
I LOVE her music and wish her all the best and luck in the world!

X ceesie

Apr 21, 2010

ceesie LOVES papaya

Today i wanna talk about: PAPAYA!
If someone would ask what my favorite fruit is i would definitely say: PAPAYA!
It's so sweet, fresh, healthy and good for you.
i checked on the Internet and i found out that it's one of the most healthy fruits in the world! JIhaaa, you go papapapapaya...

I eat it every morning with yogurt. just cut it in little peaces and mix it under the yogurt and add some granola. Mmmmmm...

Papaya here we go:
  • Papaya contains the digestive enzyme papain that is why it is valuable for aiding digestion.
  • The ripe fruit is easily digestible and prevents constipation.
  • It is shown in a study that this fruit when taken alone for 3 days has a beneficial tonic effect in the stomach and intestines.

  • Papaya juice helps in relieving infections of the colon and can help break down pus and mucus.
  • May help prevent cancer in organs and glands with epithelial tissue (ripe papaya).

Apr 20, 2010

Apr 19, 2010

house of VERSACE

Last week I finished the book: "House of Versace" by Deborah ball.
And i'm telling you it is AMAZING.
The book tells the story of the Versace family. Deborah explains how the Versaces made their money. (They actually sold clothes!) But just as important to this bacchanalian fashion tale, she explains how they spent it. And they spent it like CRAZZYYYYYY!!!
Gianni LOVED buying famous painting and expensive furniture, Donatella loved spending money on Drugs, parties, presents and jewelery!
For me it was a very interesting book, i remembered watching the Versace movie when i was a little kid, and i was very fascinated by Versace's work and world. After reading this book I was even more fascinated. I never really realised he was such a BIG designer and that HE is one of the guys who made the supermodels (Like Naomi, Claudia, Linda,...) back in the 90's.
After reading the book i have also a lot more respect for Donatella. She is a VERY strong women who had a very tuff time in her life and who also dealt with a drugs addiction that lasted for many years.

People who have a passion for fashion will love the house of Versace! Go to barns ad Nobles and get that book!

Apr 18, 2010

the end of the world

Yesterday i saw one of the WORST movies in my life: 2012!!
Bah... so bad. Totally over the top and SOOOOOO American.
But in one way i was a little chocked. Is the world really gonna end in a few years?
Lately I'm really thinking about it. I mean in the last couple of years we had: Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano explosions, hurricanes,.... Like never before!!!!
It really starts to scare me. But we can't live or lives in fear. As we all know we can't predict the future. What is tomorrow is the last day? Live your life like it' the last you have. Ha!
ceesie's new Motto!

Apr 12, 2010


Ceesie LOVES watching movies... Here are some of my favorites:


Last week i went shopping in my hood, Williamsburg.
I found these nice shorts in a secondhand store for just 5 dollars...
There was no way of not making them mine, so i left the shop with my first pair of jeans shorts.
Ceesie never wears shorts, i don't really know why. Because i feel naked i guess?!
Anyhow it's to sunny and warm to wear black jeans all the time so now we go for a pair of black Levi's jeans shorts, a shirt and a pair of black sneakers and sunglasses.
Bye bye Winter and hello naked legs!

Apr 8, 2010

Skim Iced latte please!

For the last 6 days it's been f*cking hot in NYC!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the sun and I love walking around with just a t-shirt and sunglasses... But the people, the subway, the smell... Beughhhh
My mom always says: "Ceesie when the summer starts the most ugly people are coming out of there houses." And I guess she's right. You just see more meat when it's hot. HA!
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that today I tried my first ICED COFFEE in my LIFE! Seriously... I was tired and in desperate need of a coffee. But of course, it was to hot to order a skinny latte, so i went for a new adventure in the world of coffee... I tried a non fat Iced Latte.
I put the straw in the plastic cup, brought it to my lips and swallowed down the icey cold caffeine into my throat. I was surprised: Mmmmm so good and so refreshing.
I think I've found my new favorite summer coffee. From now on I'm going for a skim iced latte!
Toast to the goodlife and hello summer!

Apr 6, 2010


This week a friend told me to look on that website he found, and so i did.
It was a website ALL with Pictures off Ceesie... It's like a sort of blog that a girl (or guy) makes and I'm obviously THE SUBJECT!
Kind of scary... I mean WHY? Why does someone do that? Am i really that important?
I like it and I'm kind of flattered but also a little creeped out.
There are even pictures of me on the street, my holidays,....AND they even made a "copy and paste" sort of cartoon about me. Ha!!
Pfff... i have the feeling that now-a days there is no privacy anymore. Facebook, Myspace, blogs,...
I mean type in my name on google and there are more then 30 pages about me.
I know I know, I'm a model! but still... it's not like I'm Daria Werbowy or Kate Moss.
Hmmmm... Don't get me wrong i love the attention but please don't go to far ;-)

Please check it out and tell me if that is normal or not????

Pauline van der Cruysse

What is it with all these new models coming from Holland???
Partricia van der Vliet, Mirte maas, Melissa Tammerijn, Bregje Heinen, Lisanne de jong, Anna de Rijk,...
Hello---OoooooooOoooo Where are the Belgians?? No offence, i love them Holland girls but i have to support my Belgian associates. ;-)
There is only ONE Belgian girl these days who is doing good, and that's Hanne Gaby.
Before we had: Hannelore Knuts, An Oost, Anouck lepere, Elise Crobez, Delphine Bafort, Tanga,...
It's kind of sad. Does Hanne have to represent Belgian all by herself?
Not for long! There is a new girl trying to make her way to the top. Her name... Pauline van der Cruysse. She just got signed to Marylin/New York and Elite/Paris.
I think she is amazing. She looks fresh. Having dark hair and a very strong face, I'm sure we will hear more from her!

Apr 2, 2010


Here are some pics from my trip in Seattle:

(The first Starbucks in the world)