Jun 28, 2010

Dinner time

Last night I was invited for dinner in one of the best restaurants in Tokyo, INAKAYA.
It's a traditional Japanese Robatayaki restaurant.
I entered the place and saw 2 big man sitting in the middle of the restaurant surrounded by all kinds of fresh food.
From the start I was in love with the place...
You needed to tell them what you wanted and they made in front of you on a grill.
Everything was so fresh/healthy and so delicious. No carbs and no sweets... Only fish and vegetables, just the way ceesie likes it ;-)
I had little crabs, grilled fish, sashimi, Sea-urchin and all types of mushrooms...

the tall one

Jun 26, 2010


Ha! Fashion week is over... and no Ceesie spotted on the Catwalk.
In one way I'm sad I didn't do it this season, but on the other side I'm Happy.
-No stress to be on time at the castings.
-No running in the city with my heavy book under my arm.
-No disappointments if you don't do the show.
-No waiting for 2 hours at a casting.
Instead I'm making money and I'm having fun in TOKYO...
I did checked the shows and here are some of my favorite outfits:

Dries van noten

Jun 24, 2010

Let me buy you a Mango, it's only 84 dollars!

Yesterday I went food shopping and I was SHOCKED!!!
First of all, Tokyo is one of the most expensive city's I've ever been in my life.
But 84 dollars for a f*cking mango??? Or 105 dollars for some Grapes??
Excusez- moi, that's just NOT NORMAL.
OK OK OK, I went to an amazing supermarket where they had the best of the best fruits and veggies, but still...?? A little overpriced if you ask my opinion.
Even when I go to the fruit shop next to my apartment I still have to pay 2,50 dollars for ONE apple.
I don't understand why fruit and vegetables are so expensive here.
I just hate it!

sushi wushi

Jun 23, 2010

modern architecture

Tokyo is a city of amazing diversity, and nowhere is that more evident than in its modern architecture.Tokyo doesn't just have one district of skyscraper and high rise buildings, It has several and that's what i love about this city so much.
There is not just ONE big center there are 4 or 5 big ones. :-)
I've noticed that many Tokyo buildings are very unique in design and shapes.
I don't want to be an architecture, but I do like to see it, and photograph it so here a few of my favorite ones I've seen so far:

High building in Midtown

Prada store

Tod's store

Shopping mall in Omotesando

Police box (also called a Koban)

Jun 21, 2010

Tom Nicon RIP

What is it with all these models killing themselves??
I just don't get it.
First Daul Kim then Ambrose Olsen and now Tom Nicon... It makes me so sad.
Tom was such a great and sweet guy, hope he founds peace and rest wherever he is now...

Jun 20, 2010

Jun 18, 2010

Column elle

I just wanted to let you guys know that my 2ND Column for Elle Belgium magazine is out...
Since 2 months I'm writing a monthly column about my life as a model for them and I LOVE doing it.
Bye Bye Carrie Bradshaw and Hello Ceesie! ;-)
The first one was about my life in Williamsburg/brooklyn and this one is about Food in NYC.
It's written in dutch so many of you won't be able to read it. :-(
But please check it out.

Jun 14, 2010

Smoking Kills

If there is one thing that I don't understand about Tokyo... it's the Smoking promotion.
First of all, It's still allowed to smoke in Restaurants, bars and clubs.
I just don't get it. People here eat so healthy and I think they even take more care for there body then we Westerners do. But why do they SMOKE so much?? Everyone I've met is a smoker or smoked before.
Second of all, you can still find big smoking campaigns on the street.
And last but not least, cigarettes are only 3 dollars here, maybe that's one of the biggest reasons why there are so many smokers in Tokyo.
Anyway... What I wanted to say is that I don't like smoking, I'm also not a smoker and I just wanted to remind YOU, smokers, that you have to stop!!
There is not one thing good about it!
Happy that's from my chest ;-)

Jun 11, 2010


The food here in Japan is INCREDIBLE.
Yesterday i had a shoot for Japanese GQ and for Lunch we went to a little typical Japanese restaurant. I ordered my first sashimi plate and i have to say it was AMAZING.
I had a culinary orgasm, SO good it was!!
The fish here is so fresh and the miso soup was not with tofu but with Little baby clams in it, i never had it this way. Mmmmm... delicious.
Healthy life here we go...

Jun 10, 2010

First shoot in Japan

I just Finished my First (14 hour) shoot in Tokyo... and what an experience it was!
First of all Ceesie needed to wake up at 4.30 in the morning, another thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE to sleep. Sleeping and eating are my two favorite things in life. ;-)
As you can guess, I didn't slept more than 3 hours because of that stupid jet lag I'm still dealing with!
ANYWAY, they picked me up at 5 and drove me all the way to the country side out of Tokyo, The nature here is amazing by the way. I was very exited to see something else then just High Buildings and Unreadable Billboards.
The shoot went GREAT, People here are so nice to me... it's even scary. They were holding an umbrella to protect me from the sun, they kept following me around with cold water, they kept asking if everything was OK and they even gave me a massage after lunch. HA!
I totally felt like A divo!
I think Tokyo will bring me so many Great and unforgettable adventures...
Can't wait for the next one!

Jun 8, 2010


Finally my Favorite Lady Gaga song has a Video...

Jun 7, 2010

Lost in translation

Here I am... sitting On my bed at 2 a clock at night in my New apartment in Tokyo! Jet lag??? Grrrrr...

Tokyo is C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

I've been to Hong-Kong, Seoul and Bali but Tokyo is something totally different. The people, the streets, the atmosphere.

I can't really compare it with a country I've been. When i came out of the Plane I felt like I arrived on another planet, all these little people smiling and bowing and no way to read or understand the language.

In one way I'm scared, scared of feeling Lonely here...

But I'm also VERY exited!!! 45 days of Japanese culture will be an amazing experience in my life!


Jun 5, 2010

Big in Japan

Instead of doing Fashion week this season , Ceesie is going for a new adventure in his life: TOKYO!
Tomorrow I'm flying to the other side of the world.
A 45 days trip full of Fashion, sushi and fun. Exited: HELL YEAH!

Sushi land here i come! ;-)

Jun 3, 2010

Ceesie ♥ SKYPE

You have to know one thing about Ceesie, Ceesie LOVES his friends.

For me friendship is one of the the most important things in life.

To be honest, I can call myself a good friend, I always try to keep in touch with my homies even if I'm not around.

But as a model it's not always that easy. Most of the times I'm traveling, so after a long day of shooting there is nothing more fun for me then to go back to my Hotel room and to call my friends...

That's why I think SKYPE is one of the best inventions ever made!

It's such an easy way to keep up to date with your friend and family even if your on the other side of the world, and it's for free.

What more do you need?

Skype, thank you for existing.

Jun 1, 2010


Ceesie was never a big fan of Mexican food, but since I live in NYC... I started loving it!
What is better then ending a sunny day with a Fish-taco and a Frozen Margarita in your hands???
The Taco truck @ Union pool in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, makes the best taco's and next door there is a ghetto Mexican place that makes THE BEST frozen Margarita's ever.
For me Frozen Margarita's = FUN FUN FUN. I have the best nights out when I start my night with frozen Margarita's. SO good and tasteful, YUMMMIIEEEEE.
In my home country we don't really have that many Mexican restaurants, sadly enough it's not that popular here.
So let's all go to MEXICOOOOOO and get wasted on a beach in the sun. Deal?