Jul 29, 2010


Like every summer I go on a trip with one of my friends from Gent, this Year the destination is...LISBOA.
Ceesie LOVES Lisbon, It's definitely my favorite city in the world.
4 years ago I went here for the first time with my best friend and now I'm back , loving it more then ever before.
This city is just so much fun and the people here are so nice and chill.
If you wanna do a nice city trip then is Lisbon the perfect destination to go to!!

Jul 26, 2010


Yesterday I did the most CRAZY shoot ever in my life...
I'm not allowed to say anything about it, still a secret.
But one thing is for sure, it was Totally over the TOP!

Jul 23, 2010


Today, 4 people told me that I look just like Leonardo Dicaprio....
Is it really so? hmmm...
I don't know if I have to take it as a compliment or not. I don't really think his that good looking these days.
But for me he's definitely the best actor in the world!
Yesterday I went to see his latest movie: Inception, SO good but a little difficult to follow sometimes.
Anyway, You have to go see it.

Jul 22, 2010

In the air and everywhere...

Because of my job I spend a lot of time in the sky.

Luckily I LOVE flying... For me it's a moment to have for myself.

No phones to pick up, no emails to answer and no stress.

Just sleep, watch movies, listen to music and think about your life, adventures and... dream.

Your just in the sky and you don't know anything what's happening in the world under need you isn't that funny?

Jul 19, 2010

Home sweet Home

Great to be back home...
Nothing better then to sleep in my own bed, eat home cooked meals and enjoy my city and Friends where I grew up with.

Jul 17, 2010

Bye Bye Tokyo

Finally my trip is over.

And when I say finally I truly mean FINALLY!

Don't get me wrong I had a great time and it was an unforgettable experience in my life, but 7 weeks is a little to long for ceesie!

Being here all by myself and not really have any friends to hangout with and just work all the time, makes you feel kind of Lonely sometimes.

BUT I'm very happy and proud of myself that I did it.

I lived the healthy life like never before, worked my ass off and lived in Tokyo for 6 weeks, Who can say that??? :-) And most important... I had a lot of time to think!

If people ask me if I ever gonna come back to Japan,I don't know if i have to say yes or no.

Maybe/Maybe not, Who knows?

If I have some other model friends who are here the same time, or if it's not so long I would do it, no doubt, but other wise... I don't think S-O.

Anyway... Today I fly to Moscow (Need to wait 16 hours for my connection H-E-L-P) and then Home sweet home: Belgium!


Summer here I come!


Jul 16, 2010


Yesterday I went to see Toy story 3 and it was A-MAZING.

I LOVED the movie. SO funny!

There was suspense , romance and funny jokes and all so well made, the perfect combination for a great Disney movie.

Ceesie loves Disney movies. To be honest I prefer the old ones the most. My personal favorites are: Beauty and the beast, The little mermaid and Aladdin.

When I was a little child I would watch them Over and Over again, I just couldn't stop!!!

But the funny thing is that I still love them.

Almost every month I have a Disney night with my friends. Makes me feel like a kid again, and i love the songs.

I can sing almost every Disney song... NO JOKE! haha.

Jul 15, 2010


I think I discovered my new favorite snack.

It's called EDAMAME... It's a preparation of baby soybeans and it's so healthy and tasteful.
In Japanese it literally means: "twig bean" (eda = "twig" + mame = "bean") and refers to young soybeans cropped with its twig.
In Japan, edamame is a popular snack food.
Just 1/2 cup of them a day really punches up the fiber, protein and vitamin/mineral content of your diet.

You can find them in every supermarkt in NY and I think/hope in Europe also.

Just look after soybeans in the freezers.

Boil or steam them when you get home and put some salt on it and ready you are to enjoy them.

Tip: Just eat them in front of your TV and throw away the Chips and Candy !

Jul 13, 2010


I think it's just HILARIOUS, in Tokyo people sleep everywhere. I see people sleeping or taking a nap in the most funny positions and at the most random locations.
On the subway, on the street, in their cars, in a bar,...
Everyday I see people sleeping in public like it's a normal thing to do.
Today I was sitting in Starbucks, working on my column, and next to me there was a guy sleeping for like 1 hour , and he was snoring like a pig! I almost wanted to scream in his ear!
The other day I went to a restaurant and a woman was sleeping on the table.
I mean, OK if your tired, but please go to bed.
I think it's really funny, but guess it's normal here...

Jul 11, 2010

Sex Sells

I just love the New V-magazine covers...
Here are my 3 favorite ones:

Jul 9, 2010

vending machines

Another thing that is funny in Tokyo are the vending machines.

On EVERY corner or in EVERY street you can find one.

And they are not filled with Sodas or beer like in NYC/Europe. NO! NO! NO!

You can find all different kinds of teas : 4 different GREEN teas, Breakfast tea, Lemon tea, Little bottles with vitamin water in it, Iced coffee or just regular water.

I love them.

Jul 5, 2010


I think I'm going crazy...
I haven't been out dancing for more then 3 weeks now, and my last glass of alcohol was 19 days ago... I'm on a cleansing like never before. JIHAAAA!!!
From tomorrow I will also start with cutting out sweets and sodas!
Ceesie loves the healthy life.
The only problem is that I have to much energy now and every time I hear a nice beat I can't stop moving my feet... Even on the street I'm singing out loud and today I noticed that I was shaking my ass while I was waiting at a traffic light. haha...
Can't wait to be back home and party with m
y friends till the early morning!!!

Jul 2, 2010


Last Night I didn't had any sleep... Reason? Fish market Tokyo!
The Tsukiji market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world.
Everybody who I met told me "Ceesie, before you leave Tokyo you have to see the biggest fish market in the world". So last night me and my friend went for a little adventure....
I met my friend at 1 am, went for dinner, went to a bar and around 4 am we took a cab to the famous market.
What an experience it was. SOOOO big, SOOOO much fish and SOOOO many people.
We saw the big tuna auction , all different types of seafood and I even saw a man selling fresh pieces of whale... :-(
At the end we went for a sushi breakfast in one of the little sushi restaurants located around the fish market, so fresh and so taste full.
A must do if your in Tokyo! ;-)

(the frozen Tuna)