Sep 30, 2010

All in my Grill

Today this song jumps on on my Ipod, I totally
forgot about it...
I love discovering old favorite songs.

Sep 28, 2010

THE shoot

So... The French Vogue shoot!
As you can see the shoot was totally over the TOP, just the way Ceesie likes it ;-)
When I got the phone call with the confirmation that I was booked I FREAKED out!!
I was so thrilled to work with Steven Klein and Carine Roitfeld for French Vogue. Not only are they the best People to work with in the fashion industry, French Vogue is also my favorite magazine in the world.
When I arrived at the shoot Carine told me to wear Agent Provocateur Lingerie all day and gave me 6 inch black heels to walk in.
In the beginning i was like: Oh no, what is this going to be! But after the first shot i knew it would look AMAZING.
Lara Stone - Carine Roitfeld - Steven Klein - Cesar Casier - French Vogue...? Come on is there a better combination possible? ;-)
I'm so happy and proud to be in the 90Th anniversary edition of the magazine.
It's a dream came true for me.

Sep 27, 2010


If someone asked me 2 years ago what my dream shoot would be I said a shoot for French Vogue and that dream just came true...
Hope you like it!

French Vogue
Steven Klein / Carine Roitfeld

Sep 25, 2010

Sep 23, 2010

New York I miss you

It's been over 4months since I've been back in the city that never sleeps... And to be honest I f*cking miss it!
First 6 weeks Tokyo and now already 2,5 months Belgium/Europe.
I always try to spend my summers back home, with my friends and family... But this time I have the feeling it's taking forever! I'm "stuck" here for almost 3months now and I still don't have any idea when I'll be back in my favorite city. Normally I was supposed to do NY-Fashion week but because I had all that work here, in Europe, I decided to skip and go for the Moneyzzzzz!!! So that's why Ceesie is still here in his home country. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like it but I've been here and done that, if you understand what i mean. ;-)
Belgium is fun and great but after 2 months I've seen it all.
I think that's the hardest thing about my job: I have a life in Belgium and I have a life in NYC. And ones I'm here I miss New York and ones I'm there I miss Belgium...
Pffff... I think a person is just never satisfied.
New York , I miss you! X

Sep 18, 2010

A day with Mario Testino

Last week I received a phone call from a friend, who asked me if I was interested of guiding Mario Testino around Brussels.

First I thought it was a joke but when I suddenly got a phone call from the pope of photography himself I was 100% sure I was not dreaming.

Hell yeah I wanna show the biggest Photographer around Brussels. So I was told to plan a day for the both of us.

Meeting place: Hotel Amigo, in the city centre.

I was a little nervous to meet Mr. Testino in person, but from the moment I shacked his hand I felt a good connection. I was sure we would have a great time together.

First I showed him some fancy bars, nice shops and famous buildings around his hotel.

Mario was taking pictures NON stop so I had the feeling I was doing well as a guide! ;-)

After walking around we went for lunch in the Belga Queen, a great restaurant with a very nice atmosphere and the food was delicious.

A Plus for Ceesie.

After lunch we went to see some nice art galleries. I was impressed by the interest and knowing that Mister Testino had for contemporary art.

We saw so many nice and great stuff of Louise Bourgeoise and Sterling Ruby.

I suddenly realised why I love art so much: Creativity and originality makes things/people so fascinating. To finish our day we went for a walk around the antique stores at the "Sablon" and we tasted the best Belgian chocolates of Brussels on the terrace of "Wittamer".

Mario, I hope you had a fun and unforgettable day, I definitely had! ;-)

Sep 16, 2010

thank YOU

I just wanna say thank you to all The people that read and love my blog,
I'm so thankfull that it's such a success.
I've had more then 114'750 page views in total, from the moment I started my blog January 25th 2010 till Today, and every day at least 684 different people take a look at my page.
You all know you can't Rome without... CESAR!! ;-)


Sep 14, 2010

Around the world

As a model I travel constantly, a specially when I'm in Europe...

Belgium is the center of Europe so nothing is very far.

Paris = 1 hour by speed train.

London = 2 hours by Eurostar and Amsterdam is only 2,5 driving.

And when you fly for 2 hours you're in Milan or Madrid.

My favorite thing to do when I'm in an airport (except for reading gossip magazines and drinking Starbucks) is looking at the time and destination screen and make my personal top 3 where I would love to fly at that moment.

Sep 13, 2010

Ceesie got Inked

I don't know what came through my mind, but 2 days ago I had a shoot in Madrid and suddenly I wanted to get a tattoo...
So I called my friend, who lives in Madrid, and told her what was on my mind.
Off course she was like " Just do it Cesar". So after walking around in the city I decided to get my first (and last) tattoo on my body.
I don't really know why I got it...
Maybe because I was bored?
Maybe because I wanted to know how it feels?
or maybe because I just like tattoo's?
Anyhow, we went in to the store and the rest is History...
It didn't really hurt as much as I thought it would and it went by so fast.
After 20 minutes I left the Tattooshop with a mark on my right ankle that will never go away.

Sep 11, 2010

Sep 9, 2010

Lucy Pussy in Belgium

This week my Best friend from NYC came to visit me in my petite country, Belgium.
This is an idea we had since the day we started our friendship and suddenly it was all happening.
Lucy Pussy is coming To BELGIUM! Whoop -Whoop!
In the beginning I was a little stressed... What are we gonna do in Belgium??? I mean, Belgium is nice and fun but SOOO small and less exiting then NYC.
But I think we did a GREAT job.
We started the week off by shopping and sightseeing in my city of Ghent!
On Sunday we went to the beach and had an amazing dinner with my parents. Monday a romantic boat trip in Bruges and almost died from an overdose on French fries and chocolates. ;-)
Tuesday/Wednesday Museums and walking around in the capital city Brussels and today Heavy spending on clothes with our credit cards in Antwerp.
Looking back it's kind of funny that Ceesie did all these touristic things... even though I'm born in Belgium. This was one of the first times I really walked around these cities and noticed how much history Belgium has to offer and how beautiful my little country really is.
I'm proud of where I come from. Belgium, your outstanding!

Sep 7, 2010

Elle Girl Korea

Today I received a package from DHL... (Ceesie loves to get mail from over sea's)
When I opened the mail I saw a magazine, Elle Girl Korea.
Hmmm.. Why would they send that to me? So I started looking in it and suddenly I discovered a whole page about "The Cesar salad Blog"!!
Amazing, no?
I'm so happy that a magazine from the other side of the world writes about my personal blog.
I've been in other magazines, and did interviews about my modeling carrier but never about the blog I started 6 months ago.
I'm very flattered that a magazine writes about it.
There is just one little problem, I can't understand one word.
It's all in Korean! ;-)

Sep 6, 2010

Saturday night fish dish

This weekend Ceesie made one of his favorite dishes for a group of friends.

It's a recipe from Jamie Oliver aka the naked chef.

It's a casserole with Cod fish, Cherry Tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese.

So what do we need:

-200 grams of Cod fish

-Cherry Tomatoes

-Mozzarella cheese

-Parmesan cheese

-Fresh Basil

-A pinch of salt and pepper

You take a baking pan and rub some oil inside. Place the cod inside the center of the pan, put slices of mozzarella cheese so it's covering the top of the fish. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place them all over the cod. Then you grind some fresh Parmesan, Pepper and salt and put fresh basil leaves on top.

(You can also add some roasted potatoes with rosemary if you feel like it)

Put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees (200 Celsius).

I recommend at least 3 bottles of champagne and if your lucky the naked chef himself will knock on the door. ;-)


Sep 3, 2010

NYC and the word Dating

What is it with New York and "Dating".
I just don't get it. If your seeing someone, in the Big Apple, for more then a month your still... dating.
I have the feeling that New Yorkers are afraid to use the word relationship.
I don't know any other city with so many singles, all walking around and searching for the perfect lover!
Dating in New York is also much more difficult, exhausting, and time-consuming than dating in Ames.
In Belgium it's just so much easier:
You go on a date, go for dinner. Meet again for another date... then maybe kiss and after you've slept together and still seeing each other for more then 2 weeks your a couple. Just as simple as that. But in NYC that's a NO-NO. Why always the hustle?
Are people afraid to use the word lover? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?
Or are they just afraid to start a serious relationship with someone?
I think everything started with Sex And The City. When Carrie and her girlfriends started the show everybody was in LOVE with them and they were always talking about dating and having sex and blablabla... And for the these girls it was oh-so difficult to find the perfect boyfriend.
I think that many people still think the way they did/do in NYC.
Anyway... what I wanna say is that it just freaks me out that when your seeing someone for more then 2 or 3 weeks you're still not sure if the person your sleeping with is your Boyfriend or Girlfriend or just another date your dating in that big city full of singles.

Sep 2, 2010

To twitter or not to twitter

To twitter or not to twitter? That's the question!
In America everybody has a Twitter account, but in Europe it's not that big.
A few months ago I made myself a twitter account but I don't really use it....
I don't see the fun and benefit of it.
I think facebook is so much better and more fun.
You can see pictures, leave comments,... and for me it's much easier to work with.
Today I checked my twitter and found out that Ceesie has 2 twitter accounts.
Hmmmm strange.
Apparently someone is pretending to be me on the Internet.
Bah! Just hate those people, a little freaky...
Anyway this is the FAKE one:
And this is the REAL one:

So from now on I've decided to use my twitter account more often just to be cool, to be hip, to be in fashion,to feel more American!