Oct 29, 2010

Where's Ceesie?

V man / powerhouses

Oct 25, 2010


Do you ever think about your funeral and how the ceremony has to be? Well, Ceesie does!
I know it sounds a little scary but I really do think about it.
A funeral is an important thing after your death. Ever since mankind people gave a lot of attention about the way someone got buried.
Another question is buried or burned? Hmmm... difficult!
When your body is buried you get a gravestone where people put flowers and people can visit your grave for years. When your burned, people can visit you also but it's different. Your ashes are sprinkled away in the nature.
I think Ceesie prefers to be burned. And I want my ashes to be given away to all the people I love. They can decide what they wanna do with it; Keep it or straw them way.
At the ceremony/funeral I want people to cry!
I want very sad music and a lot of flowers, white roses.
The songs are very important, at this moment is want these 2 songs to be played. Maybe someone can sing the Nina Simone song... Someone with an amazing voice. Like the kid who sings in the Romeo and Juliet movie.
I don't know why I write about this on my blog... Maybe it's a little to personal.
But for Ceesie it's kind of normal to think about this before you die. You never know when life will end so it's better to be prepared and to let people know how your last goodbye to the world has to be. ;-)

Oct 21, 2010


Last week I discovered the best cupcake place from NYC!
Butter Lane, it's located in the east village on 7th street between 1st avenue and Avenue A.
The cupcakes are just NOT NORMAL!
I had the cinnamon one and I died, SOOOOOO good!!!
Butter lane has all different funny flavors AND you can also go to a cupcake class with your friends if you want to. Sounds like a fun B-day gift, no?

Oct 19, 2010

Old lady

On my flight back to Europe there was an old lady sitting next to me on the plane...
We started talking and after an hour I suddenly felt so sad.
The lady was telling me that living in NYC, when your that old, is very hard.
I always feel so sad watching all these older people walking around in a city where everything has to be quick, cool and young!
It makes me so angry when I see people honking there cars when an old lady wants to cross the street...
What I wanna say is : please be kind to the older people and respect them, one day we will be the same. Do I sound mellow now?
Oh boy I can't imagine an old Ceesie!!

Oct 17, 2010


Back in Europe and happy to be back.
Shooting in Amsterdam today... Let's smile the day away!

Oct 14, 2010

home ♥ home

My New York trip is over... when will I be back?
I guess Europe misses Ceesie.
Back to Belgium? Back to Paris? Back... home?
Where is home?
I guess home is where your heart is.

Oct 13, 2010

Been by D'heygere

A friend of mine started her own Fashion collection a few months ago and I was thinking, why not support the Belgian girl?
After Stephanie graduated from the famous Fashion academy of Antwerp she did an internship @ Zac Posen NYC and worked for Jeremy Scott in LA.
She now started her own "leg wear" line, which Ceesie LOVES.
In one of my first posts I ever made on this blog I wrote about the fact that I HATE jeggings and to be honest... I still do. But these Jeggings/Leggings from "Been By D'heygere" are so original that I fell in love from the moment I saw them.
The prints are just funny/Crazy and original, just the way Ceesie likes it!
For more info where to get those A-mazing Leggings email the girls:

Oct 10, 2010

what does ceesie eat?

Since an anonymous person posts almost every time this comment, on every new post I post:
"Hey, Cesar!!! since you're so great at looking great and in shape, how about you tell us what you eat on an average daily basis, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and what you do for exercise when you go to the gym, please it would help us all and you're a great inspiration."
I was thinking WHY NOT answer the question? So here we go:
I normally wake up around 9-9.30 and make my self a nice breakfast: all different fruits( pomegranate, kiwi, papaya, banana, mango,...) mixed with some non fat or Greek yogurt and granola + a green tea.
After breakfast I go to the gym, if I don't have any work or casting off course.
When I don't have a session with my personal trainer I go for a swim or I run for 30 minutes and after that I do some weights and abs exercises for another 45 minutes. For lunch Ceesie eats what ever hefeels like, nothing fat though, maybe a salad? or a sandwich with grilled chicken? or a bagel?
For Dinner I'll have a salad with chicken or tuna, soup, sushi, or just some steamed veggies with some sort of protein.

Some Ceesie secrets:
- I try not to eat any carbs after 4 pm.
- NOOOOO soda and candy, only in the weekends. I think not eating any candy is the hardest thing for me. I have such a sweet tooth.
Lately I try to eat dried fruits or nuts when I feel like eating something sweet, or I just put some gum in my mouth.
- I try to drink 1,5 liters of water a day.
- Once a week alcohol.
- as Less coffee as possible.
- One coconut water a day.

Anonymous person, I hope your happy with my answer?!? :-)

Oct 9, 2010


The other day I went to the MET museum... and noticed those museum watchers... Oh boy, i taught by myself: JESUS, this is definitely the most Boring job EVER!

Who wants to stand all day and watch people not touching the art or taking pictures of the paintings?

I would Die!

I kind of have respect for them though... But i would NOT have the patients to stand there all day and doing "nothing".

What do you guys think?

Oct 6, 2010

Wanna ride?

Ceesie loves Old timers...

This week I was walking in the West Village and suddenly I passed a garage full of old cars: Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Bentley's,...

The most beautiful cars you can imagine, all stored together in one little place.

I still don't have my license and to be honest I'm a little ashamed while I'm writing this... I just don't need it while I model.

Maybe I should get it when I'm back in Belgium, so i can do a road trip through America?

Imagine me driving that old white Mercedes all the way from the West to the East Coast... HOT!

Oct 5, 2010

Back In New York

Ceesie is back in his favorite city...

After I finished the Job in San Fransisco I thought, Why not pay a visit to my friends in NYC? So here I am!

Yesterday I took the elevator in my agency's building and a women joined me. Suddenly she started talking to me and asked if I had a good day, That I was wearing nice shoes and that it was so bad weather. When she got out of the elevator I was like, Hey, wait a minute... That NEVER happens in Belgium. I just love the fact that Americans are so much more social and friendlier than we Belgians or Europeans.

America, I'm happy to be back! :-)

Oct 3, 2010

San Francisco

I Went to San Fran for a 5days shoot... Ceesie was all exited for going to the west Coast, to visit a new city in his life.

I always wanted to go to San Francisco so I was lucky.

But to be honest I was a little disappointed. Maybe cause I was there for work? Or maybe because I had the impression I was in Europe/ the city is very European. Hmmm I don't know...

Don't get me wrong, I liked it and it's a very beautiful city to visit but I hoped there were much more things to see or to do, also the city doesn't really have a centre centre. there were more little neighbourhoods with little shopping streets. reminded me a little of LA.

We shot on different locations, what was very nice: Golden Gate bridge, the coast, the typical San Fran hills, in the big park,... So I saw most part of the city.

I loved the cable cars and my favorite spot was haight street, Vintage shopping!!!

I found some very cool stuff there :-)

Maybe i have to go back with a group or friends or maybe i need a guide who lives there.

But anyway... I'm very happy I've seen it!