Nov 27, 2010

only child

Ceesie loves the fact that he's an only child.
When I was a kid I always refused my parents to make me a brother or sister.
I still don't know why... Maybe cause I would have been to jealous? or maybe I was just afraid to not get enough attention? but probably for not getting as much presents anymore! ;-)
I just like it and I think I would not be Ceesie if I would have any siblings.

Nov 24, 2010


Repeatedly people ask me what my favorite skin care products are, or what the products are I mostly use for my face and body...

For me the best products are definitely from Kenzoki, the skin care line from the clothing brand KENZO is just the best in the world.

I think the products smell so good and they are so soft and great for my skin.

Ceesie Kenzoki!

Nov 21, 2010

Nov 20, 2010

Bye Bye LA

My LA trip is over,
and I have to say it was FUN! Ceesie really likes Los Angeles.
I think it's very laid-back and I just love the fact that it's always sunny over here!
I could see myself living here for some time in my life, who knows? Time will tell...

Nov 18, 2010

LA confidential

Ceesie just arrived in the City of Angels...
And what do you do when you don't have to work on a Wednesday afternoon???
No, you don't go shopping.
No, you don't go for dinner or coffee.
No, you don't go to Venice beach and lay in the sun.
You just go... shooting! HA!
I felt so powerful and tough, I LOVED IT!
Maybe I should start working for the FBI after modeling. ;-)

Nov 15, 2010

Hamburger cupcakes

My friend Lucy Made me Hamburger cupcakes...
It's a cupcake with a chocolate cookie inside and frosting.
Funny, no?

Nov 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Julia

Ceesie had a memorable night on Friday...
I got invited to Julia Restoin Roitfeld's birthday party.
Location: Indochine restaurant NYC.
Perfect party, perfect location and the perfect crowd.
Let's be honest what more do you want on your B-day party?

Nov 12, 2010

Movie time

When I'm in NYC I always try to go to the movies as much as I can.
Ceesie thinks going to the movies in America is so much more fun then going to the movies in Europe.
I don't know why but it just feels different.
Maybe cause they have better popcorn? ;-)
Anyway... I arrived 3 days ago in NYC and I went to the movies already twice.
On Wednesday night I went to see "127 hours", with James Franco. I really liked it but VERY intense!! A little horror at the end and CRAZY, especially when you know it's a true story.
James Franco is one of my favourite actors at the moment and he played the role very well.
Last night I went to see "For colored girls". Not bad but a little to long and way to much drama.
The movie is about all different black girls who all have problems with men. One got raped in her own apartment, one woman gets aids cause she finds out her husband is gay and he's HIV positive and one gets beaten up by her husband,... The drama just didn't stop!
So Ceesie didn't really see any feel good movie but I liked both of them in there own way.
Check them out!

Nov 10, 2010

I'm in Miami B*tch

Ceesie was in Miami for 3 days and had a blast!

Miami is one of my favorite holiday destinations.

When I think of Miami I think of:

-Sea,sex and sun

-Will smith

-white convertibles

-Chicks with big boobies who are rollerblading

-muscled guys

-seafood and a white beach with palm trees!

The first time I went to Miami was about 4 years ago. My mom and stepdad booked a holiday (Miami -> NYC) as a present for my 18Th birthday.

It was an unforgettable holiday.

Maybe because it was the first time America for me? Or maybe because I just turned 18?

Anyway... The 3 days of my stay in Miami where again, amazing.

Hotel was great. Food was nice. Did a fun shoot. Went jogging on ocean drive and spent some time at the beach by myself.

I had a short but great trip in the sun.

Ceesie's batteries are reloaded and ready I am for the winter!

Next stop: New York City! :-)

Nov 6, 2010

cesar salad

Yesterday I made my own ceesie creation of the classic Caesar salad.
I have to say it was Yummie!

What do we need:
- half an onion
- string beans
- Green asparagus (I prefer the tips)
- chicken breast
- Parmesan cheese ( not to much)
- iceberg salad
- cherry tomatoes
- croutons
- Caesar dressing

Let's roll:
Start with cutting the chicken breast in little pieces and bake them in a pan with olive oil and add a little bit of salt and pepper to it.
While the chicken is baking you can start with steaming the string beans and the asparagus, not to much steamed so they are still a little crispy!
In the meantime you start with washing and cutting the other vegetables: cherry tomatoes in half, iceberg salad in pieces and the union in little slices.
Take a big bowl and put the salad, union, tomatoes together, add the al dente string beans and asparagus to it and mix everything together.
At the end you put the bread croutons/ Parmesan cheese and the chicken on top of the salad and ready you are.
You can decide for yourself if you wanna mix the Caesar dressing under the salad or if you want the dressing on the side.
Ceesie prefers dressing on the side ;-)
It's as easy as 1-2-3 and oh-soooooo good.

Nov 5, 2010


Ceesie is proud to be a cancer.
Out off all the sign I would not wanna be another one.
For me cancers are the best!
Generally, the Cancer sign are considered to be socially compatible with the other water signs, Pisces and Scorpio.
Here are some traditional
Cancer traits:
-Emotional and loving
-Intuitive and imaginative
-Shrewd and cautious
-Protective and sympathetic

On the dark side:

-Changeable and moody
-Overemotional and touchy
-Clinging and unable to let go

I can see myself in every trait. I have a lot of other cancer friends and I think that we all have these things in common. funny no?
I don't really know if I believe in astrology, but when I read a newspaper I always go to the last page to check up on my horoscope. SO I guess Ceesie does believe.

Nov 3, 2010


Today I wanna talk about water...
As you all know, Ceesie LOVES water and drinks a lot of it.
( I try to drink 2 liters of water a day )
Today I started an argument with someone in a bar. I asked the waiter what brand of water they serve and his answer was "water is water, so just water!"
I was like... "ohh well, I don't think S-O!" and started an argument with the dude.
For Ceesie water is not just water. Every brand has his own flavor.
Some have a more metallic or a more salty taste.
My favorite water is Evian. I think it taste the best and they have really handy 1 liter bottles.
So if someone thinks that water is just water... YOU'RE WONG!

Nov 1, 2010


Ceesie had the worst Halloween EVER in his life.
NO dress up party, NO candy, NO pumpkins and NO scary movies... NADA!
Over the last 4 years I've celebrated Halloween in a different City: Seoul, NYC, LA,... And this year I was in my home city Gent. And I have to say, never again!
We Belgians don't really celebrate Halloween. pfff... Sad and stupid.
This year I wanted to dress up as an Indian, let's safe it for next year!
A pic of my Halloween costume from last year, while I was in LA:

You know you can't Rome without Cesar! ;-)