Jan 9, 2011

48 Hours NYC

Ceesie was less then 48 hours in NYC.

And what did I do...

I did a shoot; went for brunch; did some shopping; drank a lot soy chai's and cafe latte's with my friends; dinner in one of my favorite restaurants "westville" and I spend my only 2 nights in the movie theater.

I think it's funny. I'm less then 48 hours in NYC and Ceesie went to the movies not once but TWICE!

I guess I'm officially a cinema freak!LOL

I went to see "Black swan" and "Blue valentine" and they both were A-MAZING. A great way to start a new film year.

I guess I just love going to the movies in the US and A. ;-)


Plath said...

Oh, what a conincidence! I was going to ask you for some movie advice. I think it's kind of incredible how you always seem to find the great movies. Last night I watched 500 days of Summer for the first time, I was kind of disappointed. I can really see why it sucks to go to the movies over here, therefore mostly I end up watching movies on my laptop (or renting/borrowing if anyone but me is interested in watching the movie). I have some movies in mind right now, I want to watch the Social Network, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and then I'm will go a lot farther into the past and watch the Breakfast Club (again!).

Btw, how come you only stayed in NYC for 2 days, I thought it was your (other) home? Are you needing some time away from the craaazy life because it seems like you've been a lot away (only staying for very short periods) from there since Japan?
Take care

franzpatrick.com said...

BLACK SWAN was pretty impressive. I couldn't image anyone else playing Portman's role. She was so magnetic in every scene. She definitely deserves an Oscar nomination. I don't know about a win, because Annette Bening from THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT is pretty stiff competition (and a long time coming since she's been releasing great stuff over the years), but a nomination for sure.

I haven't seen BLUE VALENTINE because it hasn't expanded from limited release yet. It sucks! But I'll check it out for sure once it's out. From the reviews I read, it sounds like (500) DAYS OF SUMMER but for more mature audiences. Michelle Williams is great in everything. I can't believe she was on "Dawson's Creek." Time flies.

I say spending time in a movie theater, whether you're in the city or not, is always a good time. Nothing wrong with that!

Anonymous said...

Please answer my question!!! HOW MANY TIMES DO U have a SHOWER??Busy man..Cause a friend of mine was near a big model in the subway (can t say his name) and it wasnt smell...mmhh so good!!! :/

antonio said...

I love Black Swan!
it's my best candidate for Best Picture in Golden Globe *crossed fingers*

H.G.M. said...

Dear Cesar,

I think its great you went to the movies two nights in a row. I need to work on my blog -- oh dear. I was very upset because this woman got shot and it was a huge deal in America. I was to see True Grit and that movie about the fighter. Do you have advance recommendations.

HNF said...

Both are movies that I really looking forward to seeing.