Jan 13, 2011


Ceesie art and most of all I like contemporary art. I'm impressed by the paintings of Francis Bacon. I think the sculptures from Berlinde De Bruyckere are incredible. I LOVE the work of Banksy, Dali, Juan Muñoz and Miro. And I think Sterling Ruby has a great talent.
But my personal favorite of them all is Fontana.
I think his work is just so simple, beautiful and chic but at the same time sad, dark and even a bit scary to me.


dimitri said...

I myself am passionate about art, but more by the Impressionist painters. That said I see you have beautiful artistic knowledge. You know the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris? if you like modern art, or art in general, I advise you.
Sorry for my English, it is sometimes bad! The French are not always speak very good foreign language

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

Actually I think about Lucio Fontana a lot too. I think of the surfaces a lot and I talk about him. Part of it is a boss of mine did a show with him in the 80s before I was around. It makes perfect sense, but I had never thought about how scary it was too. That was very silly of me because the fear is right there in front of you. I wish I had thought of this post. He is really massively cool.

a big kiss,

Anonymous said...

I think flemish gothic painters can be more dark and spooky! Beautiful for some of them but that scares me more than fontana for sure...
I prefer something more happy like matisse picasso degas and pollock. Pollock might not be so so happy, but I just like the idea of action painting!
I like dadaisme sometimes when I like to have fun I guess laughing or surrealisme with that famous phrase "This is not a pipe"
What is then a tree?
Flor @};-

The Londonist said...

Indeed, these are great C. I saw them in a private exhibition in one of the biggest pads around Regents Park here. Could easily see one of them hanging in my future loft. Dreams ;)