Jan 5, 2011


Every time Ceesie is in Paris he can't prevent himself to stop by Laduree.
Laduree is an old bakery where they make the best macaroons in the whole wide world.
A macaroon is a sweet confectionery made with egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder and food coloring. They are one of my favorite sweets ever.
Every time I eat them it's like an angel pissing on my tongue. ;-)


Anonymous said...

They are very delicious!!
Have you ever tried baking macaroons?

Anonymous said...

LOL Cessie's macaroonie =)

Plath said...

hmm, "Angel pissing on my tongue"?!. How's the new year treating you? Cesar, I don't think, I've ever heard of a guy, who enjoys eating (real food) as much as you do.

In my country we always eat something with fish for New Year. I haven't had any this year, and I'm craving some nice sushi just right now.

H.G.M. said...

I would like a macaroon right now. My Grandmother used to always eat them.

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet Jesus...Laduree makes me jizz.brb cleaning up my chair.

Helena said...

"Angel pissing on my tongue" ... ? Vlaanderen ?