Jan 19, 2011

Milan Fashionweek

What a day I had yesterday.
After 2 weeks of NON stop traveling ( Belgium, Paris, NYC, Milan) and running around doing castings. Ceesie was luckily booked to walk in some shows.
Yesterday I had 3 shows on my schedule, a shoot, a fitting and a party where I needed to show up.
Ceesie was EXHAUSTED but satisfied!

My look @ Canali.

Ceesie's personal favorite : Good backstage food @ Etro.

The runway of Etro.

Casting board of Iceberg.


Flor said...

I love your new winter look!!! Food seems delicious and the runway of Etro is just great! Be veggie and save the icebergs!!!

Anonymous said...

I really do like the blue suit a lot. I would like to get a blue suit now. It is pretty basic.

Miguel Nalbandian said...

You're so lucky to be in modeling!

dimitri said...

you have a busy schedule. But you're doing well. Thank you for the photos. It's very interesting to follow you in Milan. Good luck.

Ángela said...

good luck!

Anonymous said...

You were at Hugo?? Congrats!

Ángela said...


Are you this? :O (L)

Anonymous said...

great look and the food looks good!

Anonymous said...

@Ángela indeed, Cesar made that Zara lookbook

Luchie Mendoza Allen said...

fashionable, cool

sonny said...

liar liar
pants on fire
although the food is good bkstg at Etro
that photo was in the room