Jan 7, 2011

Strike a pose Ceesie


Anonymous said...

OMG, ceesie! you are in italy ? where, in particular ?
i want to see in person how beautiful you are :))))

dimitri said...

the pictures are beautiful. This campaign will be a real success. Your blog is really nice, it's a pleasure to spend.

Vincent said...

Mon Cheri, Joli garçon.

Míriam Sané Lorenzo said...

Qué guapo chico :)

Anonymous said...

Ohlala zo prachtig!!!
Magnifique die video, bello bello!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gewoonweg TOP TOP TOP om 't met jouw woorden te zeggen!!!!

Vincent said...

Hope you don't use a metro in Paris.
It's always so crowded.

You're in Paris.
For this season,
I'll attend 3 or 4 shows for men's fashion week,
probably Mugler, Van Noten, Galliano and Dior or Givenchy.
And then for Haute-Couture week,
I don't know yet,
perhaps Chanel show and Gaultier show for sure.
Hope to see you.

I think you don't really need to strike a pose too much,
you're just perfect with your natural chic and elegant, very personal manner.

Marc said...


H.G.M. said...


I really love it, it is really really great! I can't believe it. Its very cool.

Anonymous said...

I wish you good luck with your castings, i'm sure we will see you on the catwalk in Milano or Paris!
you look great,fantastic video!


You are so hot, i can't believe it!

Anonymous said...

very GOOD!
i like hair and glasses!