Feb 28, 2011

And the oscar goes to...

Yesterday night was Oscar night.
Like every year I'm all exited to see who goes home with that little golden man.
And Ceesie does his Oscar homework well. Just as every other year I try to see almost every movie that is nominated.
I was kind of disappointed that Black Swan didn't win the Oscar for best picture but I do was happy that Natalie Portman went home with the Oscar for best actress.
Actor for supporting role definitely went to the correct guy, Christian Bale.
Toy story 3 best animation picture, Ceesie totally agrees with that victory.
But for me, best actor needed to go to James Franco or Javier Bardem and NOT Colin firth. I think Colin Firth played a better role in the movie a single men.
Anyway... I'm happy and satisfied and enjoyed the show a lot.
I just wish that I'll go home with an Oscar one day!


antonio said...

yesss, finally someone agrees with me :p
darren arofnosky has been robbed, he deserves that golden man more than anyone
such a dissapointment that best pict goes to the king's speech (although the movie is really enjoyable)
and im totally on the same page with you about colin's role in a single man (he should win best actor last year) ^^

ups, i guess i hav been talkin too much :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I failed to see any of the Oscar movies. Do not tell. I have been watching movies at home.

I do think that Colin Firth was excellent in A Single Man and I hope I will still have the opportunity to see all these movies.

On the other hand, the new Lady Gaga video is completely remarkable. It really sets a whole new level of video like the Michael Jackson Beat It video I'm quite sure.


Anonymous said...

The statue will look appropriate in your home ... but you'll need a Cesar also ;)


Laura said...

Colin Firth was inderdaad beter in A Single Man!

Fashion Fabrice said...

true story... black swan had moeten winnen:)

Anonymous said...

I wish there was more attention to short animations. The winner in this category is really valuable, but people tend to forget about the smaller productions:(