Feb 21, 2011

Angry little Ceesie


Anonymous said...

haha you were a blonde :D

Flor said...

I used to more angry than you! This is a beautiful picture though...

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Anonymous said...

aaawww Ceesie...so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Zo schattig uit de oude doos!!!

Jelle Van Seghbroeck said...

Hey Ceesie,

I need to send you your first test photos - that would be funny!!

cheers maat

Jelle Van Seghbroeck said...

I like reading your adventures


Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

It is very cute. I think you should post a nude photo for your fans!

love forever...

Anonymous said...


Vincent said...

you look so angry.
What happened then??? So upset???
the photo is perfect.
Just entirely you by your character.

And else,
Cesar, you're everywhere in Paris.
I mean,
the photoes for Antony Morato commercials.
Nice to see you everyday and everywhere.
That's great.

Iseh said...

you're so cute!!!!