Feb 23, 2011


Fashion week, for the guys, is finally over.

(Boys end with NY fashion week, girls start with NY fashion week.)

I think the hardest thing for me, next to walking around and waiting all the time to get a confirmation to book a show, is the fact that your constantly surrounded by beautiful people.

It may sound a little strange and funny but it's really irritating sometimes.

Your self-confidence goes down, you don't feel very special anymore and at the end of the fashion week your craving to see an ugly or a non model person, at least that's what ceesie thinks!

Ceesie is done and happy it's all over, for the next 6 months.

Girls I stand by you! ;-)

Hugo Boss


Anonymous said...

Ceesie ur such an amazing n down to earth guy!Thanks 4 let us be in a certain way part of ur life=)

Anonymous said...

hey cesar,
I love your blog,i try to read all of your posts, and please don't feel bad about the way you look. Half of the world wants to look more like you. And i'm jealous you're in New York right now!!

Greets from Holland

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I think you look very cute on the runway. It is hard when you get into a field where everyone has the same talent. It does effect confidence. But being a nice man, which you seem to be by your blog, is really the best standard. People are beautiful when you get to know them because of their odd aspects and I have seen you in person enough to notice odd aspects and you are beautiful in form too so you are beautiful and special! I love you.


Anonymous said...

As one of the many unmodelesque lowly civilians of this world, I am already numbed by the feeling I always get when being placed next to a bunch of lovelies and beautifuls. How pathetic haha.

Vincent said...

You're so right.
It's a bit unpleasant this feeling when you discower some new different beautifull faces.
But you know this season male models in Paris, in Milan were more handsome, more perfect then last years.
Not many new faces bit still and in general people became more and more beauifull each year, so models as well.
You have nothing to worry about.
You're perfect.
You just need a solid self-confidance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

What if you begin to see ugly people as irresistibly beautiful? And will blush when you see them. I hope that happens for my sake.

I think beautiful is really complicated. Sometimes people are magnetic, but they do not have the external attributes of beauty. Or sometimes you end up feeling attracted to a beautiful person when they belch or when you see an imperfection. It is a very complex subject.

Flor said...

I saw you picture for Antony Morato! They put everywhere in my city...
I think is great love it except for the blue line a black one would have been better!

Anonymous said...

thanks for differing from the typical model stereotype!

Anonymous said...

you should do london shows next season!