Feb 15, 2011


Yesterday was Valentine's day and just as last year Lucy and I celebrated it together.
Even tough I'm not such a lovey duvy person, I couldn't let it go by unnoticed.
So we decided to go for a classic date: Dinner and a movie but with a ceesie's style twist to it.
We ended up going for Indian food in the east village on 1st avenue and 6th street.
A very interesting and funny restaurant full with little lights in all different colors and typical Indian Bollywood music. Food was great at the time but not so good the day after. ;-)
After we went for, our personal favorite dessert, frozen yogurt and checked out the movie "the fighter", which wasn't such a bad movie at all.
A successful Valentine if you asked me!


Vincent said...

Hiii Cees, how're you?
What I want to say and ask about Valentine's day.
Did you read Stephenie Meyer "Twilght"???
Actually I'm reading it.
Already read the first Volume and started to read the second part.
Very interesting and so fascinating.
It's really extraordinary love story.
Very gentle and kind and inteligent vampire, imagine in "Love".
Unexpected scenario and really nice and easy to read.
So I forgot completly about the Valentine's day, about my girlfriend and the rest of the world.
I really recommand it to read.
My best advice for Valentine's Day.
See you later.

Anonymous said...

ouh, great to know yall had a great valentine's!(:

but question, lucy's a best friend or girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Clearly she's the GF...even if he's not admitting it.

Plath said...

I was going to ask you where the pics Lucy promised me had gone. Well, it's a good thing to try something 'new' sometimes, although Valentine's perhaps isn't your favorite day of the year. I think I'm going to do the same some time when my secret admirer isn't so secret any more.

I recieved a rose on monday from a secret admirer. I guess he has no idea how I feel about Valentines day ( I don't hate it, but I don't love it either = I don't really care about it). Haha, I have no idea who he is either :P

And well you and Lucy look good together so I wouldn't really be surprised if you were a couple. But still, she could be a good and very close friend of yours - but then we'll have to presuppose that Cesar is either not attracted to girls or a very very single man.


Vincent said...

Of course,
Lucy is one of the best friend to Cesar.
Am I right Cees???
it's not really cool to intrefear in private life, knowing or asking for details,
that concerns noone without exeptions.

Anonymous said...

next year you gonna spend it with me.

Anonymous said...


I am really hurt. I thought you were spending Valentines day me! You should have asked me to see the fighter! I want to see it still! My feelings are hurt now.