Feb 16, 2011

You know you can't Rome without Cesar

Last night was a night to Remember.
Ceesie was invited to the V-magazine party, so me and my friend went all dressed up and ready to ROCK the party.
While we were dancing on the beats of Kanye West I suddenly noticed Kanye himself walking on the dance floor surrounded by bodyguards.
Me, crazy as I am and a little drunk, went up to him and said: "Hey, what up dude? My name is Cesar and I have a blog called after the lyrics of one of your songs."
After that I pulled up my bag , hold it in front of his face and he started laughing like a crazy person and said to me: " You're the man!"
Result: Picture of Ceesie, Kanye AND the bag! Ha!
We all know we can't rome without Cesar, right?


Tom Verschuere said...

Cesar Romes Kanye !

Jill said...

Cool picture!

Flor said...

Hahahahaaaa Drunk Ceesie that was a great night indeed! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Cesar,

I hate V, but I would have loved to see Kayne West! His new Album I think is the best thing I have heard in a long time. He likes this photographer who shows next door to my gallery. In the window of the gallery is a picture of Giselle in an Indian Headdress. The book on the photographer is on the table. It is very very cool. It is sort of like Xuly Bett outfits from the early nineties and African. In the back of the gallery they have very cool photographs although it is not contemporary art. They have photographs by James Van Der Zee. It is Stephan Kasher gallery in New York and there is this book which is really crazy.

Anonymous said...

Please , someone could feed him please

Elien - madmoiz'ELLE said...

Haha nice, mss kan Kanye je in return wel vermelden in één van zn songs ;)

Stiene said...

Haha geweldig! :D x

Laura said...

Fantastisch om te zien hoe goed een Belg het doet in het Buitenland! Je zou een export-product moeten worden, Cesar ;-) ipv al die negatieve dingen over ons land die het buitenland bereiken (wereldrecord geen regering hebben, enz...) Eindelijk wat positive-vibes :)

Luís Ferreira Gomes said...