Mar 9, 2011

Me myself and I in Milan

Ceesie was 24 hours in Milan and I don't think I'll forget my short trip very fast.
From the moment I left the airport I saw myself EVERYWHERE.
I'm just ALL over Milan. HA!
Ceesie is on every bus, phone booth, bus stop and billboard.
It felt kind of strange to spot yourself everywhere, but I also loved it, if I'm honest. ;-)


Madeleine said...

I've seen the same posters here in Paris where I live, thought is was you!

Vincent said...

You're everywhere in Paris also,
and it's already for two weeks yet.
I feel great,
when I meet you in the streets,
and on bus-stops everyday.
Of course,
I took a lot of photoes of these posters.
See them on my blog tomorrow.
Photoes are so beautifull.
Even better than posters.

Flor said...

Same in South of France not to for too indead but long enought!!! I was thimking of golden label intead of blue one....

Anonymous said...

All over Amsterdam too. Congrats on a great campaign!

Paulien said...

Hihi, Antwerpen hangt ook bomvol!

Anonymous said...

They are everywhere in Italy, I saw them on a bus yesterday while I was on friends car and I started screaming your name.
They where like "WTF" lol.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

Did a lot of people recognize you?


Anonymous said...

I've never seen you here, in Canada :(. Have you ever been here personally(visiting)?

Anonymous said...

Ik wil je zien in Gent, your hometown!!!!!

Anonymous said...

same in munich boutique windows. We heart Ceesie.

Anonymous said...

fun fact: when i first started following your blog some weeks ago it was because this friend of mine had told me 'there is this model guy blogging... it's fun'. it took me quite a while to find out you are THE DEAL in fashion right now. greez from behind-the-moon munich.

Björn Van Driessche said...

was er vorige week ook en idd, in Milaan kan je niet naast je kijken. In Firenze hing je trouwens ook in 't groot en breed uitgesmeerd!

Krizia said...

Lijkt me inderdaad raar om jezelf zo groot te zien, maar het zal vast ook kicken zijn!

x Krizia

Anne Vanoppen said...

In Hasselt ook overal! Nice!