Mar 31, 2011

New Hair - New style

It feels like summer is here : the birds are whistling, the fruit shops are selling strawberries and it's 18 degrees Celsius outside.
And when it's summer Ceesie always tries to change a little something, to get a personal 'summer look'.
So I was thinking, why wait till summer?
And with that question in mind I went to my hairdresser back home (the same one since I was 8 years old) to get myself a new haircut.
Hope you like it!? ;-)


Flor said...

That looks so great! Looks so punk and I think that that will be the style this summer we get back to 70's
My hairdresser told me that "rouge-cuivré" would be the color of the hair this year! I love it how ever I think that punk red hair doesn't go with me and I wish something more clean- cuivré
Anyway you look great most the times!!!

Anonymous said...

lets see a bigger picture

Anonymous said...

yes, very nice!

Dani said...

Absolutely Fab!

susan fallah said...

You look amazing! <3
May God bless you.

Vincent said...

You know what I liked most on you:
when you had blond-white hair once for shooting.
I remember the photo,
you're in portugal I think and you wear red sanglasses.