Mar 8, 2011

New York I miss You

Im now 10 days back in Europe and my missing for my favorite city is already starting...
A thing that I like about NYC is that everybody comes to NYC but nobody is actually from NYC, most of the people who live in the big apple come from another place.
Everybody goes to NY to make it there, cause like our good old Frank once said: If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.
Ceesie is now in Europe and traveling like crazy AGAIN. Belgium -> Paris-> Milan -> London ->....
Don't know when I'll be back in the city I love.


Emmanuel said...

C're in for a treat.
check my blog and get in touch if you want to go to some of London's best spots!

Shari said...

love your blog!
greetings from germany

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I can't believe you left New York. I have already fallen ill in your absence and have a sore throat. But things must be going very well for you!

I was hoping to get your opinion on the upcoming Royal Wedding. And I also wanted to know what sort of wedding you would have although I think you have may have said so in your blog.


Flor said...

Time flies I think that I would like to see new york just cause of you!
You talk a lot of this city I think I would love the tacos, les margaritas and liberty statue

Anonymous said...

Yes how do you want our wedding to be?

Anonymous said...

Woon je niet meer in Belgie ??
NY is leuk ma Belgie is tog better eh lol

dus je bent van Gent mooi stad !!
ben van La hulpe ma ken je zekker ni das in waals brabant.

Big Kiss
Virginie Philippot

Anonymous said...

Cesar, it would be really great if you came back in Belgium, just to meet your fans Belgian.
Besides, do you speak French?.

Big Kiss.