Mar 17, 2011

The tate modern

Every time I bring a visit to a new city I try to go and see the museum of modern art.
Here are a few of my favorite paintings I've seen in the Tate modern yesterday:

Marcel Duchamp

Yves Tanguy

Francis Bacon

Alberto Giacometti

Jackson Pollock


Star-Light said...

great pics! i like pollock!

Flor said...

I love Jackson Pollock and Duchamp!!! I like Bacon but I didn't know Tanguy and Giacometti...
I would love to see the museum of modern art once in life!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Cesar,

There is nothing like a trip to a museum. Lets go together! I get tired of art sometimes because I have a gallery, but a good or interesting work of art whether it is a painting or a movie can be an entire experience in its own which takes the mind away from its daily cares. I like the art you choose. There is something about Fontana in the British Art Magazine: Frieze.

more kisses


Wauw al die prachtige kunstenaars! Er zitten ook een paar surrealisten tussen, zie ik. In Gent in de MSK is er nu ook een hoekje over de surrealisten, supermooi!