Apr 3, 2011


This weekend I had my first BBQ of the season and I have to say it was GREAT!
Ceesie loves BBQ's. Honestly, is there anything better then a small get together with your friends, drinking cocktails in the sun while your meat is roasting on the BBQ?
The smell, the taste, Mmmmm... I just can't get enough.
Not only do I love the meat or the fish, the salads are as important.
Potato salad, mixed greens and a cold pasta salad can not be missing on a BBQ.
But my personal favorite is probably the grilled potato with garlic butter and some fresh ground pepper on top. ;-)
I think barbecues are just a great way to be with your friends and to enjoy the open air in the summertime.


Anonymous said...

Where was this pic taken??Belgium or somewhere 'round the world??!!Ceesie

ceesie said...


Anonymous said...

This picture is so cute! I love bbq's but it's still too cold here to have them :(. That potato thing sounds delicious.

Plath said...

Wow, it must be warm there since you can stay outside in a t-shirt. It's just raining here right now - I got soaked just walking a 20 min distance, but I guess that's what you get when you refuse to wear raincoats and so on. Haha, but I guess have some warmth in store for me in a week or so. Haha I'll be flying down to the "south".

- And OMG is that a Vespa in the background?

Vincent said...

Hiii Cees, how're you?
Oh, that's so cool BBQ Nights.
I Love so much.
I have a such a fun and I drink a lot while.
But I can't cook even a single thing.
I'm just a guest at home.
May I just ask about your friends?
Who are they and how are they? I wonder.
Do they all look like a models???
I realy wish to be your friend,
really friend, the best.
Maybe in 50 years???

Anonymous said...

I'm just leaving a little comment to tell you how much I enjoy hanging on your blog, especially when I stumble upon those kind of pictures (aka spekuloos), i'm half dutch living in paris, love belgium as much as home and miss the north sooooo, so much, craving for the bricks and the cool feeling you get in the childhood streets, and it's pretty cool finding a little bit of that in here... I see you're really into cooking wich is also a family thing, hey kinda nostalgia thing infact that you bring ! But it's cool, feels like i'm on a cousin's blog (who have none, else i guess i wouldn't be there haha), I also find it pretty unsurprising you love cruel intentions and romeo+juliet btw, those movies fit you so well for i can see a lot of you in romeo & sebastian actually ! "I'm in love with the world and never wanna leave", i don't see that written nor said a lot nowadays and it's really reassuring, your blog really is like a cool soothing wave... Do you know lisboa that well ? i've been there for 7 summers, miss it too... Well that's pretty much of it, have a good day and keep on going like that with your life, you seem to be a really cool guy and it's nice sharing a little piece of it !