Apr 25, 2011


Yesterday was Easter and Ceesie celebrated it all the way.
I was invited to my friends house to have an amazing Easter brunch with 8 other people.
Home made salads, grilled lamb chops , French cheeses , 10 bottles of Moët champagne and Belgian chocolates eggs that I had brought from my hometown Gent.
To be honest I never really celebrated Easter , even when I was a kid I never went searching for eggs in my garden... So this was by far the best Easter celebration for me, up to the next one.

Me and Julia

The guests

Easter dessert table

The host

Easter Buffet


Jill. said...

Looks really delicious!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!

THIS IS DOME said...

is that Anouck Lepère ??
she so nice, i love her.

Anonymous said...

zomgggg the desserts are godly.

Antwerp streetstyle said...

the man on the left looks a lot like jim carrey

Vincent said...

You and Julia????
You both look great.

Anonymous said...

Oh you liar!!!!
Al die eiers en paashazen van Italo-Swisse die je in Wannegem-Lede hebt opgegeten als je klein was!

ceesie said...

The man in the left IS Jim Carrey!!!! HA!!!

Flor said...

You COULDN'T WAIT TO SAY IT! His blue eyes look delicious I love them :-)

Mirthe said...

julia has the same dress as i have ;)
and it looks amazing!