Apr 20, 2011

Move over GAGA

If there is one person who's dressed as crazy as Lady GaGa and who isn't a pop star, it's probably no one else then Anna Della Russo, fashion editor of Japanese Vogue.
Style.com just did a feature about all her crazy outfits during fashion week. I have to say she is maybe crazier than Lady Gaga! She does it all herself with no help needed from 40 assistants to get the job done.
Here are a few of ceesie's favorite Della Russo Outfits:


Vincent said...

She just do some, like, "Crazy Things".
Always so meaningless and of no importance.
It's not Fashion, nor Tendance.
Anna is The Worst-dreeed in a fashion industry.
She has no fashion image, no style.

Star-Light said...

haha i love her!


Anonymous said...

She is fantastic, i love her too!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand that old girl.
She can't even wear a dress like a woman.
She is not sexy at all.
Real man in a dress.
That's why she is like Ladygaga.

Pieter said...

Ik vind haar outfits altijd schitterend!
Je hebt echt een heel leuke blog trouwens! :)

Anonymous said...

But if you trace everything back, David Bowie started it all. It's like no Bowie no inspiration for Gaga. idk about Anna's inspiration though. But stylish or not, I admire her courage.

Anonymous said...

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ceesie said...

Thank you so much, i will go and have a look! :-)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

She's so crazy crazy