May 6, 2011

cinco de mayo

Yesterday was one of Ceesie's favorite holidays: Cinco de Mayo!

The date is to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy of Mexico during the first years of the American Civil War.

I never heard of cinco de mayo before I came to NYC. In Belgium we don't have that many Mexicans so no reason to celebrate I guess?

But I've decided that I gonna celebrate Cinco de mayo from now on every year.

I don't care where I'll be, I'll just gonna have fun, party and drink frozen margaritas till I don't remember my own name! HA!

And that's exactly what I did yesterday!! I celebrated it as it should be. ;-)

Ceesie was HAMMERED aka shit faced aka drunk as Hell!

After drinking 9 frozen margaritas, what do you expect??

up to the next one! a su salud!


Flor said...

Cessie you're so funny and now very international! ;)

Anonymous said...

you know what?
in japanese,
cinco sounds like dick! lol
now i don't know what cinco de mayo means to us but..
that's cool :)

Anonymous said...

ik heb uw artikel in de morgen luxemagazine gelezen over je eerste rolex!!
was ik gwn ff aant bladeren zag ik ineens je gezicht was echt leuk om onverwacht een artikel van je te lezen!

Anonymous said...

The picture you chose is kind of offensive to mexicans... I mean why encourage negative stereotypes for the sake of a grin?
Great blog, handsome guy, but next time I would recommend thinking over the use of certain images