May 9, 2011

Long Island Ice-Tea

My friend Erin invited me to spent the weekend at her parents house in Long Island and I have to admit, I was positive surprised!
After spending so much time in one of the biggest cities of the world it's sometimes nice to escape from the craziness. I mean... Is there anything better then waking up with the sound of birds and to breathe in some fresh ocean air?
So that's exactly what Ceesie and his friend did.
We went for a walk at the beach, went for seafood at an authentic clambar, went shopping at target (my favorite American store), discovered fluff, and had a real American BBQ. And I'm telling you there was A LOT of food involved.
Grilled shrimps, Buffalo wings, Ribs with BBQ sauce, Lamb chops and I'm not even telling you about the dessert. Oh Boy!
Ceesie just loves those little trips outside of Manhattan, gives me energy and peace.


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

Emmanuel said...

But, in the end...aren't you always happy to come back to the mad busy city? That's what I see in myself, it gives you come back...


Jeannette B. said...

nice post, i really like your blog! and u look very pretty

Shall we follow each other (via google friends)? Would mean a lot to me :) . Let me know