May 4, 2011

Young Hollywood

Do you guys remember the days when Lindsay, Nicole, Paris, the Olsen twins and Mischa Barton all were friends?
Every week there were new gossips of them in the magazines... for driving under influence/ Caught on tape taking cocaine/ Going to jail (for a few hours)/ Rumors of anorexia/...
Well Ceesie honestly misses those days.
Since they're no longer friends, I'm no longer obsessed with young Hollywood.
I mean the Disney kids? Hannah Montana? Tyler Swift? Are NOT rock' n roll at all, and they don't have a great style either.
I just loved searching for paparazzi pictures of them when I was a teenager.


Star-Light said...

great pics! i just posted about lindsay too :)

Jenna Lee said...

I really love Nicoles style. She's truly transformed. Shes my favorite of them all