Jun 30, 2011

Men skirt

If there is one reason why I would rather be a girl than a boy it would be for the clothing, and the sexy outfits of course ;-).

I'm so jealous that girls can wear so much more than we, guys, can.

A dude can only choose between long or short pants, while a girl can go for a skirt, long dress, pants, shorts or a sexy cocktail gown.

I think it's unfair!!

I know that many designers as Jean Paul Gaultier or Marc Jacobs have tried to bring the male skirt into the fashion world before, but Ceesie doesn't think it's working.

A boy is not supposed to wear a skirt, or should we?

I just think we will have to deal with it guys... In fashion there is sadly enough just much more choice for the chicas than for the chicos.


jpboi said...

I seriously feel you. I guess that's one of the things that I don't like as a guy. We are so limited when it comes to fashion.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be possible to wear a skirt on an isolated patch of beach and perhaps pleasurable as well.

Marcel said...

As a mel caring about what he wears I don't really miss the sexy outfits and skirts part I don't even like to wear tight shirts but women really have soooo many options and yet most of them either don't use it, try to use them all at once and lose themselves or are still too greedy to just be happy that they have so much more clothes than guys.

Interesting and funny blog by the way, first time I stumbled upon it.

With guys stuff it's always the same colours and cuts. Sometimes more fitted then back to lose and back to tighter again. Arg

thefabmachine said...

Agreed, the male skirt is just not working!
If it makes you feel better, us women are non-stop uncomfortable because of ridiculously high heels, tight skirts, annoying tights, dangerous cleavages... But I must admit I would HATE to live without all of that!
Anyway, you guys have to live without skirts, just look at it as payback for getting paid more than women ;-)
Nice blog btw, I'm a Belgian blogger myself so it's nice to see my collegues! My blog is thefabmachine.wordpress.com, check it out if you like :)

horse newbie said...

Ah yes, but we as guys can slowly change this annoying problem in the same way that women made it okay to wear pants. Guys just have to start embarrassing skirts and wearing them out in public. It will take some time, but in the end we could change the entire outlook on men's fashion and acceptable wear.