Jul 29, 2011


Tanning Tanning Tanning or should I say knocking on cancercells door?
When Ceesie was a teenager the only thing he wanted to do , when he was on holiday, was getting his skin as dark as a possible!
But now getting a little older (and wiser ;-)) I'm kind of over the tanning addiction.
Of course It's nice to have a golden gloss, but oiling your body in with monoï and laying next to the pool from 9 am till sunset is a little ridiculous and extremely unhealthy.
So for all you sunbathers out there: let the sun kiss your skin but don't let it become a sin.


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

These pictures are scary!

Trips & Treasures said...

Heel overtuigende fotos !

Franz Patrick said...

It's good to get a little bit of sun, but you're right, too much tanning, like the photos above and the entire cast of "Jersey Shore," is not only ugly, it's dangerous. But even I have to admit: I like to tan before summer. Gotta look good for the camera.

Sick by Trend said...

I have friend with Tanorexia hehe. They only want more and more sun!

good blog Mr


Anonymous said...

I stay away from tanning! If I'm out in the sun its fine but I won't purposely sunbathe. So horrible for the skin. I want to avoid early wrinkles :) It also depends on a persons melanin level though. I'm blessed (or cursed) with white skin and light eyes and hair. So I burn better than I tan. Oh well... I just hope one day pale will be the new tan! haha