Aug 22, 2011

Things Ceesie wants to do before he dies

- turn my mobile off for a week
- visit Sydney
- make a song
- spend christmas day at the beach
- sleep outdoors watching the stars
- find my body double
- discover a treasure
- give a homeless person my lunch
- take my best friend out shopping
- play in a movie
- make love on an airplane
- read the bible
- get my mugshot taken
- see wild whales
- skydive
- publish a book
- invite my parents on a holiday
- make a hole in one
- swim with a dolphin
- run a marathon
- visit the Taj Mahal
- make a painting and hang it up in my house
- go to the airport and book a last minute flight


Flor said...

I wanna lots things to I'm sure that forgetting things hahahaaaa...
Let's go to it don't be a lazy boy I will try to write recipes for your book before vacation ends!!! Besos Darling boy ;)xxx

Anonymous said...

I can help you with "make love on an airplane :p

Anonymous said...

the bible? really with all the things going on with Belgian priests? I recommend all the Harry potter books.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and read ALL the posts today!!! :-) Really like the way you write and you must have a lot of fun in life. Wish you a long life as model! Groetjes uit Brussel

Flor said...

I wanna Do lot of things too...
Me and my mistakes ;)

P.S.: All your writers are so funny too! That cookbook will be the book of the year big kisses

You Saved The Queen said...

This is really good Cesar! It's very though putting a list like this together, mine would be endless!

Anonymous said...

Often at the airport, I do have the feeling of taking off somewhere completely random like Paraguay. These places always seem more attractive than my actual destination. There are so many places on the globe that must be fascinating such as the Central Asian Republics although likely most of it is rather desolate, but what history!

I am getting married to my body double. You should read the secret sharer by Joseph Conrad.

Anonymous said...

if you don't have time , you can read The Bible online. here you can find it in many languages

Zouk said...

I already found my body double... Damn you twinsister!