Sep 8, 2011

too much social network not enough social connection

Ceesie things that nowadays we don't communicate face to face enough.
We all have a cell phone, all have a computer , all have a facebook and we all spend way to much time and energy in front of our computer.
I should not speak, I even have my own blog and I'm a facebook addict myself, but I just think it's a little sad.
For example, I can't remember the last time a friend showed up in front of my house, unannounced, to go for a drink.
Today, we even experience a feeling of isolation when our Internet connections goes down, revealing just how dependent we’ve become on the connective power of the Web.
Ceesie things there is just too much social network and not enough social connection... Whether you like it or not, it seems to be the way the world is heading.


Miss Josie said...

So true, I realise it so many times and I really try to avoid spending too much time online. Virtual reality is so fast, not a place to create long lasting friendships... Precious time we should spend with our family and friends! It's just necessary to find the right balance! You're so right !!

Eliza said...

Just stumbeld upon your blog by accident and have to say that's so sad how true your words are. I'm living with my best friend next-door to another and she's always trying to communicate via facebook or talking to me on the phone for hours even though she's only fucking five meters apart.
Sometimes that really cracks me up.

Ya hyper computer be my own private geek.
Your independence, depends on me.
I am part of your family tree.
The real world is a lonely place.

This lyrics by Bonparte - Computer in love
just crossed my mind.
Perfect description of the abnormal human dependence on computers nowadays.

Vincent said...

you live in different cities around the world, you don't even have a time to make friends. You travel a lot, always in the air.
Even more you're a model, so it means you're different and can't really accept the ordinary people.
You meet and see people only from fashion cercles just to work and for a work.
You're life is different, don't try to change something, it's just perfect as the way it is. Seems you're looking for something more, but there is always your family and closest friends, old or new.
Social connection is a social phenomenon and actual problem of our society and it's far from private matters and feelings.
So you dont have to think much and trouble yourself about al this.

Anonymous said...

This is so true. They even did a study, and teens right now are in such a social decline. Not surprising, really. But they can't even talk on the phone, not just in person. I deleted facebook because of this. I try to talk on the phone, text less, and really live in the moment by seeing my loved ones. Life is short, and I love having those amazing intimate conversations that you can only have face to face.

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Anonymous said...

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Holly said...

it keeps getting worse when technology continue to grow! people don't even talk on their cell phone, they just communicated with texting... i miss the good old days when talking to friends on phone over 2 hours.
that's why i still keep sending letters to friends from time to time, nth really special to write, just some causal thingy or just a random drawing i did at lunch.

Flor said...

It was yesterday when a girl ask me her way even if she got her smart phone with her! I think that people are better than strange objects….

Anonymous said...

So true...and yet even though we all agree, I won't do anything to change this called "to be addict"? :)