Oct 26, 2011

Dream job or Scream job?

I sometimes HATE my job... Or maybe this job is just not the right one for me?

I mean:

- I'm in love with food, but I'm not allowed to eat it.

- I get to wear all these amazing clothes and outfits , but I'm not capable to afford all of them.

- I travel all over the world and get to see all these amazing places, but I'm mostly there for less then 24 hours and the only thing I get to see is a f*cking studio.

- It's almost impossible to have a normal relationship.

- And where is home? I don't really have a place to call home, or does my luggage count?

Don't get me wrong I'm very thankfull and SUPER happy to be a model, but some people really do underestimate this job. They just see the glamorous and fancy side, but I guess that every job has his downsides.


Cos said...

Hi Ceesie! So recognizable. I think everybody hates his or her job, so now and then. Perhaps more when it's autumn and when we're heading for Christmas and New Year. We want to go to our family and we want changes. Hold on, in a few months it will be spring again and then you will love your job as never before! Good luck for now! Cos

Herético said...

i get your poit.
but this job will end to you, someday, and then you'll have plenty time to get another job and have a normal life. for now, keep up with this besause it's not forever and you know you'll miss it once older. :)

YoUngLiNgToN said...

Don't worry ! A day youwill find it !!


Marlowe said...

Just wondering what would you like to do if you were not a model? What are your dreams and aspirations?

Cheering you on!

Anonymous said...

The good/sad thing is that modeling won't last forever. You sound as though you're already planning to transition to working with food (based on your news about a cookbook). Keep it up. Start taking classes where you can. You'll find yourself much happier when you have a goal for the future set. Best of luck.

Flor said...

I know how you fell in someway I live the same!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Cesar, I figured that the model life was definitely not as glamorous as people made it out to be. Just remember to be in touch with your close friends and loved ones and try to see them as often as you possibly can. I know that you meet a lot of new people. Meeting people from different countries is great but sometimes not everyone is so nice. I would imagine that's how I would keep myself grounded a bit. At least when this is all over, you will have a lot of great experiences to remember. I wish you the best Cesar!