Oct 16, 2011

Get some sleep

Lately Ceesie is not able to sleep longer then 7.30 am.
It doesn't matter if I go to bed at 10 pm or 1 am, I just always wake up around 7.30 in the morning.
Since the beginning of June I decided to wake up early to get the most of my days.
But now I'm so used of waking up with the birds that it's starting to annoy me.
I miss the days where I could sleep till 11 am and roll on the other side of the bed for another hour of snoozing.


Anonymous said...

You've programmed your body clock to get up at that hour. I am the same (I tend to wake up at 6am regardless of the time I go to sleep.) I would google 'resetting your body clock' to find out how you can change it.

Vincent said...

Hiiii Cees, how do you do????? Miss you much.

Anonymous said...

It's the curse of getting older, Ceesie. No more sleeping in for the elderly.

beauty said...

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