Nov 7, 2011


Ceesie just watched the documentary of Chris Rock about black people and their hair and I have to say I was surprised!

I didn't know that good hair was such a big deal for black women and I was shocked how much money and time they spend on it.

There are 2 ways of getting your hair good when you have afro hair.

You can use relaxer aka the creamy crack. Relaxer is a hair cream that makes it shiny and straight.

So I learned that if there hair is relaxed they're relaxing, if there hair is nappy they aint happy.

Or you can get a weave. A weave is almost like a wig, they weave real hair , from India or Malesia, into afro hair.

Ceesie was shocked how much money that costs, it starts from a 1000 dollars and it can run up to 3500 or more. INSANE!!!

Weaves hurt your pockets i guess, but a lot of women see it as an investment. Cause you're worth it?!

Not only does it takes a lot of money from you it also takes a lot of time, about 6 hours a weave.

All that money and effort just to make your hair blow in the wind? RESPECT!!!!


Pagina said...

Ceesie this is an interesting phenomenon that I didn't know about, thanks for bringing it to attention... but I see it as an obsession with rejecting one's natural appearance and trying to acquire the appearance of another race, the same way people bleach their skin. It's damaging to health and it takes time and money that could be spent on something meaningful for oneself or somebody else. And as we can see with Chris Rock's daughter, it sends the message that there is a very narrow definition of beauty, and if you don't fit, you should change yourself. So I wouldn't offer respect.

Skenhesie said...

In Amerika is weaving echt booming business en zijn de prijzen natuurlijk hoger.Terwijl een weave in België maximaal 500 euro kost. De prijs hangt af van kwaliteit van het haar, lengte and so on. Ook duurt het weaven niet zo lang maximum 3 uur. Ik ben zelf van congolese afkomst maar niet zo'n fan van weaven ( het jeukt verschrikkelijk) maar snap wel dat hetvoor andere mensen gemakkelijk is, je doet dit en je bent 1 à 2 maand verlost van je 'haarproblemen' :p

Ps: ben een enorme fan van je blog :D

Anonymous said...

You should try it :D

Anonymous said...

Only white can say's sad hearing this from you.

beauty said...

I believe that the post has perfect knowledge and a well research. Its awesome! Thanks for sharing. Waiting for next.

Anonymous said...

Although this documentary is a good movie it is only one perspective and it is limited to the people that Chris Rock decided to focus on...which is people who relax their hair and or get weaves. However that is not the case for all "black women" that would be slightly naive to generalize something like that. Hair type varies no matter what race you are. There are several hair types within each race, it depends on the individual person not their ethnicity. For instance my mother has always had long thick wavy hair down her back. It "blows in the wind" on its own. She has never had a relaxer or a weave and she is "black". The same goes for my hair with the exception of it being more curly rather than just wavy and flowy.

The point is that if you simply didn't know anything about this subject then that's fine. But you shouldn't just say "This is what I learned about black women's hair...." because that's not the case for all black women's hair. Every single human being is an individual and every single human beings hair is different although their are certain common attributes that do have to do with ethnicity, there are still differences in everyone's hair, just as there are differences in everyone's personality.

So if you are going to make a point you should at least do a little more research or I'm afraid it may come across as offensive to some people.

It doesn't matter about skin color anyway, we're all a part of the human race, trying to make it in this world. :)