Jul 29, 2011


Tanning Tanning Tanning or should I say knocking on cancercells door?
When Ceesie was a teenager the only thing he wanted to do , when he was on holiday, was getting his skin as dark as a possible!
But now getting a little older (and wiser ;-)) I'm kind of over the tanning addiction.
Of course It's nice to have a golden gloss, but oiling your body in with monoï and laying next to the pool from 9 am till sunset is a little ridiculous and extremely unhealthy.
So for all you sunbathers out there: let the sun kiss your skin but don't let it become a sin.

Jul 22, 2011


People in America are way too friendly sometimes.
I think that an average American says at least 15 times "sorry" in one day.
For example, when you walk down the street and a person ALMOST touches you they already apologise before they even did something... It's a little over the top.
In Belgium we don't say sorry that often, does that mean we are rude?
A guy once told me that apologising is a sign of weakness.
Don't get me wrong I love kind people but too kind is too kind.

Jul 18, 2011

Lisboa part IV

Sorry that I haven't been writing on the blog for almost a week now, but Ceesie was busy with doing... NOTHING!
After traveling all around the world, non stop, I took a 5 day break from emails, Internet and fashion.
And so I went back to my favorite European city: Lisboa, to celebrate my 23Th birthday.
I don't know what it is but I think I'm getting addicted to the Portuguese capital city.
I just have the best times and the biggest adventures over there.
The city itself is very beautiful, the people are super nice, the food is great, the beaches amazing and the night life is insane. What more do you want?
Lisboa I know you miss me already, but don't worry I'll be back before you know it! ;-)

Jul 12, 2011

Are cd's a thing from the 90's?

I miss buying Cd's, when I was a kid I always bought singles and Cd's to put in my disc man. But now, having an I-pod, I just download songs from the internet... and I think it's stupid!
I miss having full albums of different artists and collecting real Cd's.
Here are a few of Ceesie's favorite albums from back in the days:

Jul 8, 2011


Yesterday night I was watching the movie Jackie Brown and the guy Ordelle was constantly drinking screwdrivers (Vodka with Orange Juice). I suddenly realised that I love the names of cocktails and of course the cocktails them self. ;-)
So here are a few of ceesie's favorite cocktails that have a funny or a sexy name:


Tequila sunrise

Screw driver

Sex on the beach

Jul 3, 2011

Fashion week

As some of you might have noticed, Ceesie hasn't been doing any runway shows this season, reason: TRAVACHOS IN NYC!
Even though I like fashion week, and the great atmosphere it comes along with, I'm happy I made money and didn't need to worry about: running around in the heat with my city map and portfolio under my arm, no waiting in line for 2 hours and no stress about what shows I will or not do.
Maybe next season I'll be back on the runway... Who knows?
Here are a few of my favorite looks for upcoming summer 2012:

Dries Van Noten
Dries Van Noten