Jan 30, 2012

All of the lights

Over the past weekend my city was all about lights, lights and light cause the second edition of "light festival Ghent" took place.

The Light Festival wants to reveal a glimpse of the unique and hidden charm of my city. You could experience unique and spectacular lighting along the waterways, at historical locations and monuments all over the center of Ghent.

About fifteen internationally renowned artists and light designers lead you during the darkest days of the year along a 6 km track. On several unique locations, both inside and outside, you could admire the work of the light artists.

The installations are all incredible and very nicely done.

It made me realise how beautiful and amazing my city truly is.


Insomnia said...

I missed it again :( Hopefully next year!

YoUngLiNgToN said...

I love Bruxelles ( as we say in french ) ! I remember two days ago when I went there ( IT WAS COOOOLD ) I loved the old street and this " Grand Place " with all those lights ... I thought I could die.

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Anonymous said...

The first en the last photo are beautiful, each year i go because it's so beautiful and there are so many people. I'm so happy I can say that I live in Ghent I'm proud ;)
Love your blog

Gaston John said...

beautiful and stunning at the same time.

Mr.Jos said...

umm! i want to go to Gent!

Models on the Runway said...

Beautiful !!
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Jill. said...

Hopelijk ben ik er volgend jaar eens bij!:)