Jan 26, 2012

Comforting winter soup

I always love a good bowl of warm soup in the winter times: Tomato, cauliflower, zucchini, chicken soup,... name it, Ceesie loves it.
But my personal favorite is my stepmom's carrot-red pepper-pumpkin soup.
So yummie and so easy to make.

What do we need:
- 1 kg carrots
- 1 big onion
- 2 red peppers
- 1/2 kg pumpin
- 2 liters chicken broth
- 2 laurel leaves
- 1 small hand of fresh thyme leaves
- 1 tablespoon yellow curry powder
- small hand of fresh cut and peeled ginger
- peper and salt
- 1 hand of flesh coriander leaves

How we make this:
Peel and cut all the veggies into small pieces. Heat some olive oil in a high baking pot and color the chopped onions until they are golden brown. Add the carrots, ginger and pumpkin and let it bake for about 6 minutes, add the red peppers and cook on a high temperature.
After a few minutes you add the chicken stock, the laurel leaves, the fresh thyme, the curry powder and some salt and black pepper to spice it up.
Let it boil for 20 minutes till all the veggies are soft and tender, by preference under a lid so you keep all the vitamins and flavors.
Mix until all the chunks are gone and you get a smooth delicious soup.
If you like eastern flavors you can finish it with a little bit of coconut milk and some fresh coriander leaves, or if you like it more simple you can add a tablespoon of fresh goat cheese and some ground black pepper.

Just another recepie from my upcoming cookbook. ;-)


Flor said...

Gorgeus !!! <3

Anonymous said...

it looks delicious, i will try it! you look beautiful and the flowers too :-)

mistersavvy said...

Cesar, are you still collecting ideas for your cookbook? I just wanted to know because I sent you one a few weeks ago...I understand if you've been busy though!

fds said...

I translated your recipe in french...