Feb 1, 2012


Is having a baby the new accessory of 2012?
People around me seems to be getting children like there is no tomorrow.
In my hometown almost all of my older friends are pregnant, just got a new born baby or are thinking about getting a new member in the family.
It made me think if I will ever become a father and I think yes, but not for the next 10 years!
For Ceesie it's important that you have a good job, a nice house, no stress and above all don't have any financial problems while raising a child. I mean, what's worse than growing up your sweetheart without having money to spoil him or her?
For me 30-35 is the perfect age to get a baby.
Can you imagine me strollin' around the streets with a baby stroller at my age? I don't think S-O.
Or maybe I do... I think I kind of look hot as a young dad. LOL!


YoUngLiNgToN said...

Yep you right !


Sebastián said...

Hottest DILF Eveeeer? ;)

Céline said...

If your baby will be as cool as you, I can't wait haha (;

Zouk Penne said...

hahahaha, that's one sexy daddy!

Alexander said...

I'm going through the same thing. It seems all my friends are having kids or pregnant & most of us are still in University. 35-37 I figure is the perfect time to sit down and prepare for a kid, not now.

carizza said...

you'd be such a chic dad!

Lucy said...

our baby is going to be soo cute! little Beatrice. love you

Anonymous said...

ceesie w a bugaboo! so chic'
xx alana