Feb 9, 2012

Moss + Depp

If there was one hot Hollywood couple it was definitely Kate Moss and Johnny Depp.
I mean is there anything more sexier, cooler or more rock`n roll looking than these two bombshells together? I don't think S-O!
I don't know why but I'm always intrigued when I see old pictures of Kate and Johnny when they were a couple.
Ceesie wishes that they had made a baby.


Laura said...

Love the pictures of them together.
a vintage IT couple ;)


Rosalie said...

You're obsessed by babies! Go and get yourself one :D

Vincent said...

Love Kate.
Love Kate and Naomi photoes together.
Love you too.

Frl. Müller said...

cool couple ... btw kate was not as skinny as now back in the days ... ?!

electric feel said...

gotta lurve 'em!