Mar 9, 2012


Ceesie just finished reading the biography of Isabella Blow, the famous English stylist and magazine editor who committed suicide by drinking a whole bottle of weedkiller.
The book tells the story of her life in a funny/sad/realistic way.
To be honest I didn't knew much about Miss Blow and was really surprised what an astonishing career and personality she had.
'Blow by blow' is an amazing book for everyone who loves fashion or who just want to read an extraordinary biography.


Vincent said...

There are a lot of very "interesting"or "wierd" people in a world and hope you're not going to read all the biographies.

colorfulgiggle said...

after your review, I'm gonna read it!
xx from Poland

Anonymous said...

I love eccentric people and the English do a great job at turning them out. American's do a great job with nut cases which can be exciting and bad.