Mar 15, 2012


With spring around the corner fashion is all about colors!
To be honest Ceesie always wears black skinny jeans with a pair of boots, black oversized T-shirt and a simple jacket. Black is my favorite colour when it comes to clothing. Why? Not sure... Maybe cause it makes you look skinnier (LOL) or maybe cause it's safe.
But yesterday the french newspaper "Le Figaro" came out, with me in it. After looking at the pictures I kind of wanna wear more colors and retro prints for upcoming summer. Ceesie loves the idea of putting bold colors together.
Let the sunshine in!


UN BESO said...

nice KISS

Zouk Penne said...

Looking good! Die prints zijn super!

i.r. said...

But last pic is messin with my mind :)

Vincent said...

You look really great Figaro-boy.

Tali said...

looking good !!

Vince said...

Looks good on you! I especially love the hairy leg showing :-P