Mar 23, 2012

New york city boy

Ceesie is back where he belongs and that's: NEW YORK!
After 4 months of being everywhere and nowhere, I'm finally back in my favorite city.
So happy to hang with my friends, work, drink soy lattes at my favorite coffee shop, go food shopping at whole foods, drink frozen margaritas at benny's burrito, workout at chelsea piers and enjoy strolling around the city that never sleeps!
Let the adventures begin.


Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie, if I lived in New York I'd frequent those places hoping to see you in person. Alas, it's not possible for me to go to NYC, for I am penniless. :(

FDS said...

address of ur fav coffee shop ??

ceesie said...

I love gimme coffee in soho, love mud in east village but i think my favorite one is OSLO in Williamsburg. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Would you ever meet up with one of your readers?