Mar 6, 2012


Ceesie was in Paris for Paris fashion week and loved it!
Even though it was raining and grey weather while I was there I still enjoyed walking around in one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
For Ceesie Paris fashion week is the best fashion week there is, with the best parties and the best shows.
This time I got an invitation to go see the show of one of my favorite brands: GIVENCHY.
For me Givenchy is pure chicness with a good touch of dark rock'n roll.
But I was kind of disappointed this time, the clothes were not that amazing and the casting was kind of lame to me.
To be honest I was more exited about the front row than about the fashion itself.
Kanye, Diddy, Cassie, Alicia Keys, Amanda Lear, Marina Abramovic,... All together at one show: FAMOUS!


Clara Turbay said...

great blog!

Vincent said...

Paris FW, Ohhh... finally it's over.