Apr 9, 2012


Easter weekend is over and Ceesie had a good one.
On sunday I went to the botanical gardens in Brooklyn to see the cherry blossoms... How pretty are those trees, so colorful and amazing.
The botanical gardens are nice to visit, a great thing to do when you wanna escape from the busy and hectic life style of Manhattan.
HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE, hope you didn't eat to much chocolates ;-)


Vincent said...

So nice.
I spent 2 days in a country-side house near Paris smelling all the time those wonderfull trees. Amazing feeling.

YoUngLiNgToN said...

Happy Easter too ( lately ! )


Flor said...

I love those pic's i will use the last one for my facebook cover! If you mind 'cause everybody loves the sunshine and this girl loves flowers;)