Apr 2, 2012


Yesterday my friend and I went all the way uptown to do some shopping at my favorite store in NYC, Barneys.
Ceesie all exited and ready to spend went home with... nothing.
I hate those days when you safe up money to go shopping and at the end you find nada.
But I did see amazing stuff though, but everything was just SO expensive.
I tried on a pair of Dries van noten shoes and they were 1050 dollars, Ceesie almost fainted! A black simple Givenchy sweater was 750$ and a Burberry blazer 1800$. I mean... I know designer clothes are expensive but Ceesie has the feeling that they are losing it. I sometimes wonder if they're really worth the huge prices they demand? A person just doesn't have enough time to make that much money!


Mr.Jos said...

totally agree

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

You can find out what the designers are riffing on and buy that. I really recommend mixing Brooks Brothers and American Apparel.

Vincent said...

You're wrong Cesar.
Designers' clothes are not for everyone and definetly when you buy Dries Van Noten ar Givenchy you pay for quality first.

YoUngLiNgToN said...

I agree with you, there is some designer who does some clothes who are of course very good, with good materials etc etc but ... too much expensive ! Sometimes the prix doesn't worth the cloth.


Anonymous said...

That is why there are Premium Outlet Malls!! :) where you can buy designer stuff at reasonable prices & they are decent ! not cheap looking or fake!

Huug said...

Hey, how do you think they suppose to pay the models for their clothes, with peanuts?

Anonymous said...

But what I mean is that the designers source their clothing and often are looking at what everyone is wearing on the subway or people in movies or historical pictures. And often the brands that provide the source for the designers are cheaper although I would agree the construction is less perfect (although some designers have bad quality in the stitching). So you can often find the same thing from the source of inspiration which can even come from k-mart. The problem is the size, but then go to the boys department.

bryologue said...

Well, some designers pay models with 'trade' a.k.a. clothes