Apr 5, 2012


Ceesie just went to see Titanic in 3D, a movie that all of you probably have seen.
It might sound a little cheesie and stupid but Titanic is one of my favorite movies in the world.
I know Titanic is not the BEST movie ever made but I guess Ceesie just has something with it.
When I was a kid I went to see the movie 9 times in the cinema and from the moment it came out on video I got it straight away and even now, when I have to be on a flight for a long time I still watch it.
Now after 15 years, it's back in theaters in 3D.
After watching it, probably for the 32nd time (no joke), I still loved it.
I guess Ceesie will always be passionate about the love story of Jack and Rose for the rest of his life.


Anonymous said...

I saw you walking around the city today! you were in soho!

sweet harvest moon said...

Ik ga volgende week kijken :)

Vincent said...

You're in Love???

Arianna Alexis said...

Titanic is amazing! but makes me cry... lol