May 19, 2012

Being back home in Ghent makes me realise how pretty and quite my city really is.
Ghent is an amazing city to live in, full of nice little streets, waters and churches, something totally different than New York City.
Today Ghent is one of the biggest university cities in Belgium, but back in the days Ghent was one of the richest cities of northern Europe thanks to his world famous and super busy port.
When two of my best American friends, Paige and Lucy, came to visit me they both fell in love with my hometown.
Ceesie enjoys being back home but after 2 weeks home I'm done and ready to go back to the big apple.
I wonder if I'll ever be back for good in this small city...


Lies said...

Ik snap je! Ik woon echt letterlijk naast het Gravensteen en ik vergeet vaak hoe schoon Gent wel niet is! Maar uiteindelijk ook toch maar een heel klein stadje, ik hoop dat ik later ook kan ontsnappen naar spannendere oorden!

KAIIWONG said...

Well, I've never been in Ghent but its looks like a great city. Time to drop by !!


Estie said...

Ik ga soms in Ghent, het is een mooie stad. Zo blij dat je de tijd nemen om na te denken over je eigen land en uw stad.