May 10, 2012

a classic concert turns in to a not so classic experience

Ceesie got invited to see a concert of the young upcoming artists at Juilliard art school @ lincoln center last night.
For me it was my first classic concert I ever went to. I was surprised how amazing and chic the people were at the venue. All these upper west side women, dressed in their most amazing outfits, with the most expensive 'van Cleef van Arpels' jewelry on and the most gorgeous shoes and handbags to match there divine outfits.
Ceesie loves going uptown!
The concert was impressive. First we saw a great pianist from Tel Aviv preform and after it was time for the lady gaga of the classic music, the rising star, Hahn-Bin. 
I think most of my readers never heard of Hahn-Bin before, so did Ceesie. Hahn-Bin is a Korean-Amerikan violist who started playing the violin when he was only five and made his international debut at the age of twelve at the grammy awards. 
Hahn-Bin's performances are noted for his unconventional presentations of classical music. He combines music with drama and visual elements, wears the most ridiculous outfits and has way to much make up on for a guy. But he plays the violin like just a few people can. I was perplexed by his performance and think it's great that someone dares to make classical music not so classic! The classical-music world needs to be shaken up a little bit and he's the one that does it. BRAVO!


Vincent said...

A lot of interesting variations on Sarasate-Carmen Fantasy. I liked it.
Of course he had a talent,but not so much.
A very good violinist.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review, I enjoyed reading about your evening.

KAIIWONG said...

Cool !! Thank you for sharing this. amazing boy it is


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

MadBadVampirePrince said...

What instruments do you play - if any?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was really interesting. I think that a visual like that can add something very interesting to the experience of seeing classical music. You should go to the ballet definitely. That can be really sensational.

Flor said...

I don't like him is too visual for my taste! Too fashion and performance...
You shall hear Vadim Repin that violonist is great or maybe Larent Korcia great one two!